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Rezwan Hussain

It has been quite some time since I am watching all the other posts online regarding how Arrow is bad and Flash is losing grip, and I feel a bit of a shame to say that everything has ups and downs and our life too and those authors does not realize it. Yes, Arrow and Flash is a comic book tv show but that does not mean that every now and then we will bring in the comics into the fold and start comparing. To be honest, I only knew about Flash before starting to watch these shows but the first look at Arrow in Flash Season 1 Episode 8, I realized I am missing another terrific hero of the DC Universe and I stopped watching Flash after that and started watching Arrow right from the beginning to align the two story-lines. And I am glad I did because to be honest, I love watching Arrow more than Flash. Flash is cool and fun, but Arrow has more drama, and resembles some sort of reality in it. I mean this guy, Oliver Queen, has suffered 5 years in hell so it is quite natural to expect a dark brooding Oliver Queen when he returns. Stop comparing it to Dark Knight Trilogy. That is a level no tv show or any movie will ever achieve. See Arrow the way it presents itself and if you don't like it don't watch it.

Arrow, has made significant progress so far in Season 4 especially the villain Damien Darhk has been given more screentime to create an impact on the show compared to Ra's Al Ghul last season. So yes, the season 3 has suffered some issues but it was not completely worst. The plotlines did suffer to some extent, but the season did introduce a bigger world to DC and of course that made it suffer to some extent. But then again, we cannot forget two seasons at the beginning of Arrow. And now in Season 4, Arrow is pulling back and trying to make it a bit more entertaining and it is doing a pretty decent job.

So far, Darhk's plan for the city is quite unclear since all they talk about are codenames and phases but who cares. All we know is that something bad is going to happen and one thing that the last episode proved that Arrow is going good is by putting Darhk right in action. In many other shows, we have wondered why the villain does not make a move even after knowing something crucial but here in Arrow the show did pull it off. Darhk immediately took control of his advantage over Oliver Queen and as the trailer for the next episode shows the advantage will go even further. However, bear in mind, the show producers did tease that there will be a twist in Episode 15 so something is going to happen.

On the hand, The Flash is doing some fine teasing throughout the season and I am still pretty sure Zoom is not Jay Garrick. I am still not buying it. One of the reason is Zoom has Blue Lightning and Jay Garrick has Yellow which we could see in his eyes after taking in Velocity 9. At this point, the showrunners only teased some stuffs but we honestly have no clue about who Zoom is and all we can do is just wait and watch. The Flash also suffered some stupid mistakes this season especially with Patty Spivot. One thing I don't understand from the perspective of protecting someone is that by lying to them. I mean no one is asking the hero to go and tell the big bad of the season that he is the Flash and he likes Patty. He could have just told Patty the truth and ask her not to poke around much which I am sure she would understand. Now she knows the truth, is Zoom going after her?

Overall both the shows are progressing. Especially, Arrow will have a lot to show because of those authors who wrote such stuffs that made Arrow look bad. To me, I would suggest the producers and writers just do your best and ignore those losers who does not know what to write. You are a doing an amazing job and I feel pride in writing about such an amazing show. We hope we will one day look at a bigger DC universe if it ever happens but fingers crossed. DC has the potential of doing something that Marvel does not have and that is even though the TV and Movie are separate they can be combined as Multiverse and it will make sense because that is what DC is all about, Multiple earths and that will blow everything off.


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