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[Major Spoilers]

5. Harold Returns - The loveable idiot from seasons past, Harold Gunderson pays Mike an unexpected visit to try to help the fraudster’s case. Yet while it was good to see that Harold had matured slightly since being fired from the firm and landing a job due to Mike’s help, the fact that Harold’s testimony “wouldn’t stand up in court” means sadly we probably won’t be seeing Harold again for a while.

4. Harvey Doesn’t Hold Back - Yes we are used to Harvey taking people apart with his ferocious examination tactics, but we wouldn’t expect him to do it to someone in his corner (currently). So when in the mock trial, Harvey attacked Rachel on her relationship with Mike and their fabricated Vegas wedding, by going too far by bringing up Rachel’s affair with Logan Sanders. It was a moment that displayed the underlying tensions within Specter-Ross team for the whole firm to witness.

3. Jimmy Purges Himself - While Harold graciously offered his services to Mike, old law buddy Jimmy was at first unmoved by Mike’s attempts to back him in court. However when all seemed lost on the trial’s first day with Donna uncharacteristically cracking under pressure, Jimmy showed up and purged himself by stating Mike was in his class at Harvard Law. Yet TV villain Anita Gibbs (who would actually be on the good side in real life, think about it!) cross-examined Jimmy without needing a 24-hour break and tore apart Jimmy’s statement by revealing if Mike went down, Jimmy’s aunt’s case would have to be reopened. Jimmy really shouldn’t have bothered trying to help.

2. Mike Ponders Harvey Betrayal - While we all thought that Mike and Rachel were discussing indirectly whether Mike should ask IT technician Benjamin to change the Harvard records, it was actually in fact to fabricate that Vegas wedding certificate for Mike and Rachel. Nevertheless the conversation gave a subtle tone that Rachel would encourage any move by Mike to shift allegiance from Harvey and I expect her to make such an attempt in the final two episodes that leaves some of the Specter-Ross gang on not so good terms come the start of season 6.

1. Louis Is Offered a Way Out - Anita Gibbs proves why she is in fact a villain at the end of the episode when she breaks the terms of the restraining order, in order to offer Louis a chance to get himself out of the danger that surrounds the group that knew of Mike’s secret. She talks of his love of mudding and the opera and how prison could be shocking for him. However I reckon he could still prance about in Shakespearean costumes like he once did in season 4, in a white collar prison. The scene was the ultimate cliff-hanger of the episode, as perhaps it will be Louis that teams up with Gibbs to save himself, but surely if he does and with the series to function whatever the outcome of Mike’s trial it could put Louis’ character into such deep waters he may not return.

5 years anyone?
5 years anyone?

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