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Story: The player can pick either a male or female Avatar. The player is shown these other avatars. A hacker arrives and tells the players about Eden. Most of the players leave with the exception of three including yourself. You enter Eden and must confront some of the NPC's to get things going.

You are told to me that hacker at a place called Kowloon. You are told to pick a Digimon soon enough. Each of three starter Digimon has a different type. There's Palmon, Terriermon and Gearmon. There types are Data, Vaccine and Virus. (Hint: Data symbol is a cube, Vaccine is a teardrop and a Virus is a spiky sun.) Even if you can't recall types the circle when fighting is blue when it's weak grey when it's even and red when it has an advantage.

You're data is messed with by unknown forces and you're picked up by a woman named Kyoko Kuremi. She tells you how how to get your avatar back and then she request you join the Digimon Cyber Sleuths. Note that there is a lot of dialogue which prompts pressing the X button quite a few times to get through.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a mix of other popular Digimon games. First the three on three setup was a main feature in Digimon World 2. While the scanning function came from Digimon Dawn and Dusk. Scanning occurs when you fight a Digimon. The percent goes up and once it reaches 100 % you can download that Digimon and add them to your party. You can also add Digimon in your reserve once you get more items called Memory ups.

This game also hacking as a progression stopper. These programs require specific thing to be met to get some skills. So the easiest method is to at least get one of each Digimon earlier on as well as level them up when needed. Those are the two requirements for any of the skills.

Design: The areas in the real world pay homage to amazing Japanese locals. While Eden has a very white slick look to it. Kowloon is very blue and colorful. The cyber tubes while liner is a nice way to break up spaced between the real world and Digital world. The few scenes that happen and extremely well done looking like it came out of a high quality anime.

Music/sound: The music is suitable. Some characters or moments have themes that suit them well. The menu theme feels calm and battles songs are tuned up. Some parts are voice acted and there's even a few scenes.



Nokia from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Nokia from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

She is a very vibrant leader that can sometimes get over her head. She claims to be a hacker and has no idea what Digimon are. She's easily freaked out but quickly overcomes her fears.

On Left Gabumon and on right is Agumon
On Left Gabumon and on right is Agumon

This two play a vital role in the game. As two main Digimon from the original shows this should come as no surprise. They have plenty of funny and even intense moments later on in the game.


You're other more serious friend. He has his light sides as well. He's a well trained hacker and is dragged along by Nokia.

Video Review:

What I would Like to see next: I've been wanting to see Digimon World 5 come to be. I've even tried to stress to Bandai Namco that this game should be an open world experience where Digimon are the focal point of the story and are the playable character. Since each game in the franchise has done something different I felt this game should tackle a Hack and Defend type sub-genre. Where players can choose if there Digimon is good or evil or something in-between. I've also wanted to see Pokemon vs Digimon. That issue here is that I don't know who to contact that is both with Nintendo and Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco rarely pays attention to a singular voice. So a Pokemon vs Digimon fighting is is unlikely unless they companies suddenly decide to do it themselves.

Last Thoughts: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth while being a game that seems more geared toward fans of Digimon. I can see newcomers coming in and understanding this game with its simple tutorial system. It's a long game with about 200 capturable/playable Digimon. So if you haven't picked it up yet I give it my recommendation.


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