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I waited for the initial Deadpool frenzy to die down before I went to check it out with my significant other (a bit of a continued Valentine's Day celebration), and I found myself constantly veering between laughing fits and gripping my seat during the more tense moments.

This movie has produced an incredible amount of one-liners, as this Merc with a Mouth truly does have quite the mush on him.

One of the more hilarious bits was when Deadpool cuts off his own hand with a small knife in a bid to escape Colossus . While growing it back — he does have mutant powers, after all — his hand reappears as a little baby hand.

You might be wondering just how they pulled off this hilarious gag. Deadpool co-writer Paul Wernick revealed that they actually had to get a young'un to cameo for this bit.

“That’s actually my daughter’s hand. Digitally manipulated, but it’s hers. She was on set that day, and the visual effects guys used her hand as a reference. That is going to be her claim to fame. Hopefully not her only claim to fame...”

So Wernick's daughter gets to brag that she was in the Deadpool film. Sure, it might have only been her palm, but it's still really cool nonetheless.

I would have gladly taken any role in the film, including being the bullet that hits Ryan Reynolds right in the tuchus, as I have absolutely no shame.

What was your favorite scene in 'Deadpool'?

[Source: Empire]


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