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February is a time of year where movies are few and far between, and you're more likely to catch sight of a unicorn than of a great flick. Well I have some good news for you. You won't have to wait for Batman V Superman or see Deadpool for the 11th time, because Eddie the Eagle is soaring into theaters and, just like the real-life story, this movie is an underdog that will pleasantly surprise you. Here are seven reasons why you need to see Eddie The Eagle when it hits theaters.

1. It's An Amazing True Story

The tale of Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie The Eagle, is unbelievable. I won't give away too much because I think you will enjoy it more the less you know, but basically Eddie was born with what he describes as "dodgy knees" and spends almost a year of his childhood in a hospital, where he's told he can never be an athlete. Well it turns out Eddie's only dream was to be an athlete on the world's biggest stage: the Olympics! You can join him on his journey to realize his dream.

2. It Has An Awesome Cast

Taron Egerton broke out last year with [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143)and I was a huge fan from the get-go. After this movie I love him even more! He was absolutely fantastic as the fun-loving, unbelievably tenacious Eddie Edwards. Hugh Jackman plays Eddie's coach Bronson Peary and I don't want to give away any spoilers about his character, but I will say he is just as much of an underdog as Eddie and his story is just as intriguing. Jo Hartley plays Eddie's mom — er, mum. She was my favorite character in the whole thing! The way she supported Eddie was awesome and reminded me of my own mom. Christopher Walken also has a small part that I won't ruin. Jim Broadbent, who played Professor Slughorn in the Harry Potter films, has a nice cameo, too! But it isn't just the big names. Everyone was great!

3. It's A Movie For EVERYONE!

If you look at the movies that are currently showing, there are none that the whole family can enjoy. Kung Fu Panda 3, maybe, but Deadpool? Zoolander 2? Pride And Prejudice And Zombies? No way! If you want to go out for a movie night with the family, then Eddie The Eagle is the movie I would recommend for you.

4. It's Never Boring!

Going in, I wasn't sure if I would like Eddie The Eagle. I've never been a big fan of biopics because they are usually boring. But Eddie The Eagle is anything but boring! Between the lighthearted jokes, intense jumps and high-stakes drama, you will always feel like you are not only watching the journey, but also living through the amazing journey with Eddie. I had a big, goofy grin on my face throughout the entire movie, and you will, too!

5. It Has Amazing Jumps!

As Eddie climbs from the measly 15-meter jump to 40 meters and beyond, the stakes, just like the height, get higher. There is one jump sequence in the movie that is particularly awesome. I won't spoil it, but let's just say it has to do with a lot of boos and a staggering 90 meters — that's 295 feet!

6. It's So Inspirational!

I mentioned that the story is amazing, but it's also motivational. It shows that if you dare to dream, you can achieve, no matter the odds — as long as you DO NOT GIVE UP. Eddie hits speed bump after speed bump and he never wavers. His determination and unshakable demeanor make him a real-life hero in my eyes. It shows that it doesn't matter what anyone says, you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. That is the true beauty of Eddie The Eagle.

7. The Real-Life Eddie Edwards Is Awesome!

Disregard the jerk reporter. Eddie gets a Chia Pet from a crowd of Americans and you can see how fun-loving and awesome he really is. If anyone deserved a biopic, it's this man. He just seems so cool! How can you not love him?

'Eddie The Eagle' is flying into theaters on February 26


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