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It's always refreshing to discover a movie that stands above the superhero blockbusters, blood & guts thrillers, sex filled romps saturated with nudity, and all things paranormal. A movie that pays homage to a true heroic story that is the stuff of modern legend, and brings you to this emotional peak while you sit in your seat. THAT is what Eddie The Eagle is all about!

Taren Egerton as Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards
Taren Egerton as Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

Taron Egerton (Kingsman) is almost unrecognizable in the role portraying Britain's first Olympic Ski Jumper known more for his antics at the 88 Calgary Winter Games rather than winning any medals at all. Joining Egerton on screen as Eddie the Eagle's trainer is Hugh Jackman, who balances the awkwardness Egerton's character portrays with finely timed jokes, and the chiseled machismo that Jackman excels at.

Jackman and Egerton fly high!
Jackman and Egerton fly high!

Egerton really brings his acting level up a notch, deserving praise and accolades for his work here, as this story easily wins "Most Inspiring" movie of 2016, honoring the amazing true story that it's based on.

Watch the REAL Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards!

Eddie The Eagle is filled with warmth, excitement, hope, emotional depth, and laughs that will explode from the basement of your gut. It properly pays homage to a well deserving hero, and the story will make you flap your arms like an EAGLE with no shame. If you need another reason to see this awesome movie, check this out...Wolverine on Ski's!


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