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Shakira is voicing the character Gazelle in Disney's newest animated movie Zootopia, and she admits there were a lot of similarities with her character. One important attribute? The fact that both of their hips don't lie.

During the movie's premiere, Shakira chatted with ET about her influence on the character:

"We wanted to make Gazelle the character that I'm interpreting a little bit more similar to me," the 39-year-old singer explained. "And so they asked me what I thought it should have and I said, 'Put some meat on the bones, you know? Poor girl, she needs some hips.'"

Disney agreed with Shakira's vision, and therefore made the necessary changes.

"So they took my suggestion and they made her definitely curvier," she continued.

"This movie is about perseverance. It's about fighting for your own ideals in life against all odds."

Shakira continued:

"When they first presented me with Gazelle, the character that I do in the movie, I felt identified with her because she's opinionated like me, she's got many aspects of my own personality. But when they told me about Judy Hopps [voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin], the little bunny who is a little creature dreaming about big dreams, it reminded me a lot of my own story, you know? [A] small girl, dreaming about the unthinkable! The unimaginable! And fighting against different obstacles all my life to make it here."

Shakira isn't the only one who loves her character Gazelle. Earlier this month she shared a cute post on Instagram about her one-year-old Sasha Piqué i Mebarak, who apparently found the doll version of Gazelle to be rather delicious.

"Sasha likes Gazelle so much, he's been eating her fringe skirt!!"

We get it, Sasha. We've totally been that hungry before.

As we wait patiently (or try to) for Zootopia to open in theaters next month on March 4, we suggest you watch the trailer below!

[Source: ET]


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