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For those not keeping up with [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), I'll stay away from spoilers in this article.

Now, with all of the characters of Arrow and The Flash to use in the new show, as well as in different times of their lives, it is quite an epic moment when we see what could, but won't necessarily, happen to some of our favourite characters. And next week we are set to see a big one in the episode entitled "Star City 2046". Stephen Amell is set to appear as a much older Oliver Queen, who is also one-armed and has a Van dyke beard, a classic defining feature of the Green Arrow in comic books. Using the social media channels he loves ever so much, Amell gave us our first look at this, in addition to something else very special! Check out the photos of the elderly Green Arrow below.

But even more exciting than just seeing Amell in that role is the other teasing image that he dropped! We've all wondered what other Arrow characters could possibly appear in this Legends episode, and we've just been given an answer we NEVER expected! While a lot of people wondered at the possibility of Felicity, Diggle or Thea appearing, we are actually going to see a character we've always thought we could see on Arrow itself.

Is This Our First Look At Connor Hawke?

A shady photo which is difficult to see, but this is without a question another Green Arrow character with Oliver Queen, and six of the eight members of the Legends team. There have been many people wondering whether or not we would ever see another character who has been known as the Green Arrow in the comics appear in the TV universe, and it looks like that time is now. Now I know what you're thinking, could it be some other archer type character? But the caption which Amell used for this picture on Twitter seemingly confirms that the other person is another Green Arrow:

"I count 6 Legends and.......... 2 GA's?"

While the likelihood is that this character is the TV equivilant of Connor Hawke, that may not be his name. Remember that Speedy (Thea Queen) in the comics was actually called Mia Dearden, so it is entirely possible that the character we are seeing in the show is:

Oliver's Son William!

That's right! We know from recent episodes of Arrow that Oliver's son is in some danger, but that doesn't mean that this isn't him, having made it through the danger, as his father's apprentice. The only thing that doesn't quite make sense about this? The timeline. Oliver in those first two photos looks roughly the same age as he does in Arrow in 2016, just with a beard and robotic arm. However, judging from the title of the Legends episode we can make the shrewd observation that we're in the year 2046, so Oliver should be about sixty! Also, his son should be about forty, and judging from what we can see in the photo of the other man, he only looks like he's in his twenties. Could it be that this really is Connor Hawke and he is much younger than William?

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Who Do You Think The Other Green Arrow Is?


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