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Deadpool is currently killing it at the box office right now and the hype hasn't even looked like slowing down for everybody's favorite merc with a mouth. There's a petition online, that currently has over 38,000 signatures and counting to have Deadpool appear as host of Saturday Night Live! The page is on the petition site,

This isn't all that surprising as Ryan Renolds has been doing an amazing job promoting his movie doing various interviews in character. One of the most recent ones featured Ryan Reynolds surprising Hugh Jackman while promoting Eddie The Eagle, check it out below!

Or check out this hilarious interview he did with IGN where he literally was Deadpool throughout the interview, the results are flawless.

I think a lot of this movies success has been down to the flawless marketing team (that Reynolds was apart of) to appeal to every kind of audience. My personal favorite poster was the rom-com Valentines Day one, see it below!

The funniest part of the SNL petition is that they don't want the host to be Ryan Reynolds, but it needs to be Deadpool himself! His humor could be a perfect fit for the satirical show and Ryan Renolds should have no problem getting right back into character seeing as his wife said she finds it hard to know whether she's talking to Ryan or Deadpool.

What do you think guys? Would you love to see Deadpool as an SNL host? If so, you should sign the petition, the power of the people is strong!


Deadpool for SNL?


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