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This is about last night's arrow episode called Code of Silence.

Many arrow fans who joined in season 3 and didn't go back to watch the previous seasons. I would say in this episode this is the first time you met Oliver Queen. For some other fans this was like a reunion. This leads into my first point

My main problem with arrow

My main problem with arrow season 3 is that we were shown too much of the arrow. I know that sounds weird but in my opinion what made arrow seasons 1 and 2 really good was because olly wasn't green arrow 24/7. He had a strong supporting cast such as Tommy or his mother but the supporting cast now doesn't seem as strong. Olly green arrowed a lot but he still had a family and friends to socialise with not a team.

This was the first episode in a long time where I think we saw more olly than arrow. By the way I count anything where olly isn't necessarily in costume but is still collecting information as him being arrow. This episode we saw a lot of the newer additions to the cast rear their heads such as donna and curtis ( who I personally think are improving the show as they are fun to watch but serious when needed). Also there was the heart to heart between olly and Thea about him lying and keeping his son a secret. These moments remind viewers that there was and is a life outside olly being green arrow. The only other thing I would have liked to have seen was the actual debate hoping that olly took shots at darkhhs wife.

Another problem I would say is the supporting cast now.

In arrow they have a team of 4 going out every night on patrol they are more than half of a justice league team (which has seven who do split up sometimes) so why are they always in one place all together. The team should split up more and pursue more ghosts separately or have another conflict ( not necessarily a vigilante one) taking place simultaneously.

When it was just olly and Diggle I understood why they didn't split up as they really had to have each others backs. But do they really need four people to go for just anarchy who is one guy.

If things like this were pursued it could increase the amount of storylines to be followed with two teams working separate cases or whatever which sometimes, not always, overlap.

Anyway overall arrow season 4 has been an improvement since season 3 and I look forward to what is coming.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments about season 4 and how you think arrow should be improved.


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