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  • May be i am the one who is most curious from the starting of the series and seriously dying to know the answer of "who is the zoom "

according to lots of theories and predictions the most eligible persons who are qualify for this ans is

1. Henry allen - father of berry allen (the flash) from earth 2

because of his eyes in this picture
because of his eyes in this picture

2. jay garrick

Because he is a speedster and the most important thing there are no encounter scene of jay garrick and the zoom and no screen sharing scene in whole series except there is only one but it was when jay was telling story about how zoom stole his speed .
when zoom is on the screen jay is definitely not there same happens with berry's father henry allen too but henry's appearance is very less then jay .

now start COMPARING both. (the main unit which i use to compare both is height of characters in the tv series.)

first i start with
1. this is a screenshot of episode 17 in season 1 . look at the height difference of cisco and henry.

2. this is a screenshot of episode 13 season 2.

In both the pictures the height difference is almost equal or there is may be a slight difference of height.
which leads me to the second option
1. this is a screenshot of episode 2 season 2. when jay helps berry to fight against sand demon to save petty .

jay is taller than the flash
2. this is screenshot of episode 13 season 2 . when the zoom beats flash in glass cage.

he lift berry very easily that makes zoom taller than flash

3. this is a screenshot of episode 1 season 2 when henry came home first time

they both look very equal in height so his chances of being zoom are less

so my prediction for the zoom on the basis of " HEIGHT FACTOR " is
JAY = 70%
HENRY = 30%

there is one more thing which confused me is " the guy in the iron mask "

this guy has blond hair and both henry and jay do have blond hairs
i can't found any conclusion from this .


what do you think who is zoom ?


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