Bydavid keith, writer at

You may ask yourself who is the new york women? Well she is someone who isn't afraid to take risk, (the decision that ultimately leads you to asking yourself should you take the train or a cab). No! but on a serious note, I'm writing to every women reading this and asking themselves what kind of women am I ? And when you ask yourself that make sure you look in the mirror when doing so.

The true New York women for me is a girl who goes with the flow, style wise and all. I'm talking total confidence in ones self. Your probably wondering as you read why I chose Carrie Bradshaw as the statement picture for this article. Well the reason is she's totally bad ass to be a fictional character. I mean she had the perfect New York lifestyle for a girl in the "Big Apple". The cloths, the friends and we can't forget Mr. Big!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Carrie Bradshaw was the Perfect New York gal. She is a vision that every girl dreamed of being. What do you think?


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