ByDouglas MacDonell, writer at
I love movies

Has technology killed the creative process of film? Has the low cost of digital film created such a surge of wanna be film makers that no one really pays attention anymore? The found footage thing worked quite well for "Blair Witch Project". Infact, it scared the shit out of a lot us. But, how much is enough? It's been done and done. The basic principals of good format still hold true. You still need good writing. An original concept. You need charactors the audience can relalate to. It's just not enough to have tons of "found footage". I remember a lecture from a film editing course where we talked about the difference between linear and non linear film editeding. Clearly, skipping to a certain point saves time. But, are you loosing a moment of magic for the sake of saving time? Often the magic is not on your EDL. Are you making a film to create something amazing? Or just to cookie cutter another peice of shit film some else has already done?


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