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Dragon Ball Z, arguably the greatest action/fighting anime of the last twenty-plus years. It has reached an impressively large audience crossing all corners of the globe. To make things even more impressive, the Titan that is the Dragon ball franchise has in a sense "rebooted" the series with two new full length feature films; Dragon ball Z: Battle of gods(2013) and Dragon ball Z: Resurrection F(2015); both films received limited theatrical releases. The two new additions to the series were received well by the fans. Breathing new life into the franchise; with even a new series on the way that has already started airing in Japan and rumors of a third film.

The future of Dragon ball
The future of Dragon ball

Now all of this is great, but a lot of fans (myself included) have always dreamed of Dragon ball Z in live action. Hollywood attempted this back in 2009 with the failure of a film "Dragon ball Evolution" needles to say, it did not perform well. Fans were outraged and flat out disappointed. Some fans renounced their beliefs that live action DBZ could ever work, but why? After all, the failure of Dragon ball Evolution can be pinpointed down to the awful script that 20th Century Fox for some reason gave a go ahead to. That and some questionable casting choices and a bad choice for director. It seemed Fox abandoned any future plans for Live action Dragon ball Z.

possibilities of live action
possibilities of live action

I believe DBZ can work in a live action setting. Whether it's in big budget Hollywood films or maybe even a series like a Netflix original. A great example is the work of Robot Underdog and their live action web series Dragon ball Z: Light of hope(trailer here). The world of DBZ is so full of life and wonder. If done right, it could be a huge success. The world itself is chalk full an incredibly rich mythos; even more so now with the addition of the animated series "Dragon ball Super"(I won't even begin to spoil any of that). Honestly there is so much existing in the universe of DBZ that if they went the rout of a DBZ Netflix live action series it wouldn't have to follow the characters from the anime or manga. I feel this could only work in a TV series style execution. Some fans are afraid of seeing their beloved characters butchered in live action. If they went the rout of big explosive action packed movies then in my opinion following the source material is the right way to go. If done right I think DBZ could be just as big as any Marvel or DC live action property. It's got the material, it's got the heart and it's got the massive fan base.

Do you think Dragon ball Z can work in a live action setting if done right? sound off below!


Do you think DBZ can make it in a live action setting?


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