BySergio Bryce Barker, writer at
Sergio Bryce Barker
Just because. This match up is invalid it does not compute superman does not compute. People have taken lots of and too many freedoms with superman. The stories of what superman can do are just plain stupid. He can wipe out the universe with his heat vision? That is is just narrative diarrhea. Superman has come to the point where there really is no point. He cannot have infinite strength because there is no way to control, infinite strength. One billionth of infinite strength is still infinite. It does not make sense. Nothing about his infinite abilities makes sense. So I think they should be ignored for a more general understanding of who Superman is. So...with that said. ((cringe)) we should set their powers to a zero or equal of sorts. I know Supes fans will cry foul but its the only way. Superman is overpowered to the point of stupidity and needs to be reigned in. Again his infinite powers dont make sense so therefore they are invalid. They are inadmissible in the court of nerdy theoretical combat. Okay what we should do is, look at special powers, fighting skill and abilities. Both have unbelievable strength speed and durability and unique abilities. And here we go with what should be obvious, superman is not invulnerable, holding back does not explain why he was nearly beaten to death by Doomsday or batman or anyone else. He has not learned to consciously protect himself from damage like Goku has. Maybe he hasn but my main point still stands...One just has to be strong enough to hurt him or exploit a weakness. It doesnt matter if he is aware or not you cant stab superman with a steel knife no matter how strong you are, we all know it would be like trying to stab someone with a carrot or butter even, maybe if you were fast enough but no you aren't. But he can be hurt. And Goku is strong enough to do it. So understanding this, a simple conclusion is that Goku would win. He has the better fighting skills he has instant transmission he's weakness is the vacuum but supermans weakness kryptonite. Both can be utilized but I'm not going to weigh them in, just because. He has ki blasts or waves which are both concussive and extreme heat. He also can fight at super speed. Really he is just a better fighter and has more abilities mostly using Ki, he would win hands down, but he probably wouldnt kill superman. He is a good guy of course.

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