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I love [Grey's Anatomy](tag:200746). It is not the first time I have said this about the show. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh; it brings up a sea of emotions in me that make all my Thursday night enjoyable. More than anything I love the characters in this show. Watching Meredith overcome many obstacles in her life and still being surrounded by love is very powerful and it's because of her relations to the other characters that I keep watching despite losing McDreamy last year.

It hurt me that Derek had to leave the show; it hurt me that Meredith had to lose the love of her life and it is still painful to see her without McDreamy (not to mention that I'm sad every week when I don't see those wonderful blue eyes). But, after tonight’s episode we might see things change very soon; maybe someone that we don’t expect, but who won’t be surprising will be Meredith’s endgame. Who is this person I’m talking about?... Alex Karev.

Are you surprised?
Are you surprised?

That’s right! After eleven seasons of seeing Meredith and Alex have a brother-sister relationship, the biggest surprise that Shonda can give us is that maybe this relationship is about to change. Last week actress Ellen Pompeo declared that she is not going to judge the writers' decisions of her character. Her job is to play Meredith as Shonda Rimes envisions, and if that means playing something that can be a little shocking, she will go with it.

If you are willing to read between the lines, just as I am, I think this means that Ellen knows about the Meredith and Alex pairing and even when she does not agree, she will play her role to perfection. Can Alex and Meredith be a reality on Grey’s Anatomy?

3 Reasons why Alex could be Meredith's Endgame

When Alex and Meredith were just interns, she was the first one that friended the "Evil Spawn" as Christina nicknamed him. He is one of Meredith's oldest friends, and he is still by her side. In one episode he even said to Jo that Mer has always been there when no one else was. Those are terms that can be applied to your best friend and your brother/sister, but also to the person you love. Let's list the top three reasons why I think Alex and Meredith could end up together.

1. Alex Karev is Meredith's Person

Since Christina's left two seasons ago (something that is also quite painful as well), we have seen Meredith turn to Alex to be her "person". He has done a very good job of trying to keep her healthy, especially after she lost McDreamy last season. Now, it is true that after her attack she told him to go get Jo and be happy, but could this just be a symptom of being in love and wanting the person you love to be happy? Alex might not yet realize that Mer's feelings are more than frienship.

2. They Were A Couple in That Bizzarro Grey's Episode

During season 8 episode "If/Then", Meredith and Alex were the real deal! Yes, it is true that not everything went as expected and he cheated on her with Kepner, but still; during this weird episode they were engaged!

3. Both Have Loved and Lost

Meredith loved Derek like you only love once in a lifetime, but that doesn't mean she won't open up to love again. Alex has loved many women; Ava, Izzy, Lucy, Jo. So far, most of them broke his heart. It is also true that Jo is very in love with him, but as she pointed out before the winter break, he has always given priority to Meredith. Is it because he loves Jo, but without realizing he loves Mer more?

This could all be a red herring and things between Jo and Alex will continue to heat up, leading to the two of them finally getting married. Or, we could see a very shocking ending at the end of this season were Meredith will act on her new feeling and confess she feels more than frienship for Alex right after Jo accepts to be his wife. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Would you like to see Meredith and Alex as a couple?


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