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This month sees the premier of Fuller House, a Netflix revamp of the beloved show from the '80s, Full House. While anticipating the release of Fuller House, I got to thinking about what other great shows could come back in similar fashion. Ladies and gentleman, I have one word for you: FRIENDS. Here's how.

It's all in the kids...

    Think about it. By the end of the show's run, all of the friends but Joey have had a child:
  • Ross and Carol's son, Ben, is born in the first season. He is now 20.
  • Phoebe gives birth to the triplets, Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and baby-girl Chandler, in Season 5. The triplets are now 17.
  • Rachel and Ross have baby Emma at the end of Season 8. Emma is now 13.
  • And Monica and Chandler adopt newborn twins, Erica and Jack in the final season. They are now 11.

What does this mean for a 'Friends' revamp? Well, hold onto your Barcaloungers because here are two ways we could see the show come back!

Option #1: A present day look at the intertwined friends and their families...

Like every other Friends-watching individual, you probably daydreamed about how the gang got on after the show ended. I know I have. A series focused on the friends in a type of 'Where are they now?' setup could be great! Here are some questions I would love to see answered!

First, there's Chandler and Monica...

  • How does Chandler handle the commitment of a family?
  • How does Monica's OCD play into raising twins?
  • Since they're neighbors now, does Janis pop in for unannounced visits?

What about Joey?

  • Does he come live in Chandler and Monica's spare bedroom because he misses Chandler so much?
  • Does he teach the twins how to play 'Fire-Ball?
  • Does he still, on occasion, take naps with Ross?

How is Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan?

  • What's life like now that she's married to Mike?
  • Do they have kids of their own?
  • How involved is she in the raising of the triplets?
  • More importantly, does she sing them to sleep with Smelly-Cat?

And then there's the whole Ross-Rachel thing...

  • Did Ross follow Rachel to Paris and get a job digging up Parisian dinosaurs?
  • Or did Rachel get transferred back to the States?
  • Do they EVER get married???????

These and many other questions would be answered in a series focused on the friends and their new lives as parents apart from one another. There is a ton of material here just waiting to be used!

There is a major roadblock in getting the gang back together though. Each of the series' actors found varying degrees of success after the show ended. Getting them back together again would prove a monumental task. So don't look for this to happen any time soon. But hey, one can dream. However, the second option IS a whole lot more feasible.

Option #2: A series revolving around the now grown-up kids and their friendship...

How cool would it be to see the kids as adults?! Maybe they even hang out at Central Perk like their parents did? Maybe Gunther still works there too. There are SO many possibilities here for the writers to use. Here are some questions we need answered!

Does Ben have to go to therapy ever since the 'Holiday Armadillo' incident?

Does Emma still jam out to 'Baby Got Back' with her parents?

Do the triplets know that Aunt Phoebe gave birth to them?

Does Emma still have Joey's 'Hugsy The Penguin'?

Did Erica and Jack inherit their dad's incredible dancing skills?

Or their mom's?

Finally, who did Joey pass his secret weapon to?

I'm dying to have these questions, and many more, answered in a new series! They could cast relatively unknown actors, launching their careers, just like the original Friends did for its cast. Also, they could bring in the original actors (when available) as guest stars! With so many options for a great storyline, there is definite potential in this series!

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited about the possibility of seeing 'Friends' somehow come back! Let me know what you think in the comments!


Do you think we'll ever see a new 'Friends' series?


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