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I love movies

part one: the stage

of course not. i don't really talk about that. fuck..... ok. so this one time, i was living on the edge. thats just kinda how i roll. but in this case i was really pushing the extreme. bored with my life. i was curious with the deeper, darker, and seedy side of my city. i ventured into the tenderloin. which, for those not familiar with sanfrancisco is the drug infested, prostituted, underbelly of the city. it was around two am. perfect timing for a white bread middle class boy from the mid west. i was still in a daze from a night of boozing. i had been drinking at one of my usual haunts, the muana loa. i love the loa. but i the typical crowd of rowdy out of towners and poor rich folks left me unamused. i needed to walk. get some fresh air. be outside and feel the city. so walk i did. right down union street till i hit van ness. at van ness a funny thing happens.... hills. i don't care much for them. so i took a turn south. a few blocks later... around california ave, i'd say. things start to get weird. alright, maybe weird isn't that right word. real would be better. this is where tourism stops and the city dwellers start. as you head east you hit polk street. a haven for old men with an appitete for young boys. around the corner you will find.............

to be continued.......


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