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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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As a horror fan I've seen my fair share of final girls over the years. However, my favorite are the final girls who not only survive but actually go up against the killer/killers. Surviving a horror movie is already a difficult task, yet some of these women choose to not only survive, but to end their nightmare. Now I know there are many more great final girls in horror, but I choose to start with these five.

Jamie Lee Curtis-Halloween H20

Like I said before, I am choosing final girls who chose to go after the killer terrorizing them. So first up I chose the great Laurie Strode from H20. This is when Laurie decided that she could no longer run from her murderous brother. The only way to protect her son and herself was to stand up and kill Michael. Now this was to be the final sequel in the Halloween saga, which is why technically she was successful in killing Michael by decapitation. However, when Hollywood decided to make Resurrection, they changed the H20 ending. Showing Michael switching clothes with a paramedic, which is who Laurie really killed. All that aside, Laurie stepped up, using an axe, knives, and even a flag pole to take him down.

Sharni Vinson-You're Next

Erin, to me, is one of the best final girls! Her character first comes off as very quite and a little shy. She comes to meet her boyfriend's family for the first time, but their weekend getaway is interrupted by three masked killers. Once everything starts going crazy Erin starts taking charge and protecting the family as best as she can. We find out later that she was raised on a survival camp, which gave her many useful skills to put down these killers. She uses knives, traps, a meat tenderizer, and even a damn blender to kill these people!

Haley Bennett-Kristy

This was one of my more recent favorite horror films. Haley plays Justine, a young college girl staying alone on campus for the Thanksgiving holiday. She is followed to campus after a weird interaction with a strange girl, Ashley Greene, at a nearby gas station. Ashley Greene's character, Violet, and her minions kill and videotape young girls for there cult's website. They call all these girls Kristy. Justine is a kind, sweet girl, who at first spends most of her time being chased around campus, watching people die. After she manages to kill one of the masked killers, she begins taking them out, one by one. Justine, or Kristy as they call her, even uses science to kill one of them, using two chemicals that create a combustible reaction to burn one killer! That's something you don't see!

Heather Langenkamp-A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nancy Thompson is the nice girl next door. After her friend is murdered by our favorite dream slasher, she begins to learn everything she can do to stop him. Nancy chooses to go into her dreams to find Freddy, so she can save her friends and herself. She even reads a book on how to set up booby traps. So before her final confrontation with Freddy, she sets up trip wires set to explode, drop a sledgehammer, and lock him in the basement after she sets him on fire. Nancy did return to fight Freddy once again in part 3, but not without the help of the Dream Warriors.

Danielle Harris-Hatchet 2 & 3

Danielle is the best modern day scream queens! She has come out in so many horror films and has even gone on to direct. Here she played Mary Beth, after a small casting change. She took over in part 2 and went back into the swap with a gang of hunters looking to kill Victor Crowley. In the end, she is the only one to walk out alive, but not before shooting off Crowley's face with a shotgun. She returns yet again in part 3 to finish off Crowley once and for all. Mary Beth is incredibly determined to finish off Crowley, first for the deaths of her father and brother, but then because her father was part of the reason for Victor Crowley returning from the grave. Covered in blood throughout the majority of these two films, Mary Beth managed to finally end the curse of Victor Crowley. All I can say is this girl is tough as hell!


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