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The Breakfast Club came out 30 or so years ago. I wasn't born or raised in the 80s (I'm a late 90s baby), so I wouldn't know of the initial response to the movie from watchers, upon it first coming out. However, because I was born years later, I do have some knowledge of the effect it has had.

This movie is monumental and symbolic. Not only for the writer and director John Hughes, but for the past and present generations. It has some of the most relatable quotes and iconic moments. The movie itself breaks down walls more then just the characters in it. Most importantly, It deals with the idea of how we look at others and how others look at us. Not just random strangers on the street, but people that we see and are around almost everyday, whether at work or school. It shows how we stereotype these people, even if we don't realize it, yet we really don't know their life or who they really are because we never take the time to try to because of these very stereotypes, as well because we don't quite want people to know who we really are on the inside.

The following are the main stereotypical personalities dealt with in the film:

The Criminal/Rebel

This is the person that does whatever they want when they want to. Most people don't accept this person or even like them initially, yet if they were to take some time to talk with them and get to know them, they would learn that they actually have just learned to face the world in a way that most don't or don't know how to. Maybe it comes from having certain things happen in their life that hurt them or taught them lessons. They are the kind of person that everyone needs to know and get the opportunity to meet.

The Athlete

This is the person that everyone will see and misjudge immediately. They will immediately assume that he or she must be a jerk or empty-headed or a self-concerned person. However, that is far from the truth of who they truly are. They usually are caring and all they really want is to be accepted, maybe by family, friends, or a stranger who just knows their name. Because of that desire, they may end up up not making the best decision all the time, but they do always mean well.

The Princess/Popular One


Mostly, everyone knows who this person, they like them, and they may have a lot of people they call friends, yet very few to none know the real them. It's not because they keep themselves hidden away, but it's because most only see and believe what everybody else says about them. They probably are fortunate in almost every thing that most people have to work extra hard for and some people treat them differently because of that.

The Basket Case/Outcast

This person really doesn't fit in with the regular crowd, but its not like they actually try to anyway or even care. They do their own thing and don't necessarily want anyone to tag along, but if someone does, they wouldn't reject them. People get to see who they are and don't understand it, but they likely respect them for fully being themselves. No, many won't be able to accept this person but those who do are the only one's who they really would open up to and care for.

The Brain/Nerd/Faithful Student

This is the person that goes to school and actually pays attention and tries to make good grades. They would likely get mad over making a B+ because they were certain they were going to make a A+. They live a pretty quiet life and are true to the things he or she knows, while being a little uncomfortable towards new things. Matter of fact, they likely aren't willing to do new things, unless someone was there to really push them.

I'll even go ahead and add in one last stereotype.

The Unhappy Adult

This person likely gets irritated with people easily and doesn't mind teaching them lessons or proving them wrong. They come off mean or harsh initially, but on the inside, they actually just understand how the world works and they know the good and the worst of it. They may even care too much which causes them to come of pushy or get irritated so easily, because their care is taken for granted and they just come to a place of where they don't care anymore.

These are the five main stereotypes that everyone is viewed based off of. The thing about it is, because it's a "stereotype" it will be immediately assumed to be inaccurate but the strange truth is that it is realistic. Everyone has been one of these people or are one of these kind of people, maybe even more then just one.

Now, why do we decide to classify people? I don't know why we do this, maybe it's our way of breaking down walls so that we give ourselves an idea of how we can approach the people we meet or its our way of simplifying the people we meet, so we don't have to get to know them too much. Whatever the reason may be, we all have or do at times stereotype people. I don't think that we always mean harm when we do, but it can become a bad thing.

The annoyance of being stereotyped is also the beauty of it. Yes, it can be completely annoying having everyone assume in their own minds who you are already and keep you held to that idea. However, there is beauty in it because when you know who you truly are, it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks, it doesn't effect you. There's also the fact that one day (like in the movie) you will see who some people really are and it may defy everything you assumed and vice versa.


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