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Over the past decade, one streaming website has slowly consumed our lives. This site is known as Netflix. Netflix has risen in popularity, even starting code terms like "Netflix & Chill." With hundreds of movies and shows, there seems to be no way for Netflix not to entertain us.

For all of us who like comic book and superhero movies (so basically everyone), we have a fair amount of movies set in store for us on Netflix (not to mention the countless shows like Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Flash, Daredevil, and Young Justice).

Here are 5 comic book movies on Netflix that you have to watch now...

1. 'The Punisher' (2004)

The 2004 adaptation of Marvel's Punisher is actually a very gritty and entertaining film. Think Deadpool was hardcore for being R? Wade Wilson has nothing on Frank Castle. This movie is not for the weak of heart, and is very enjoyable once you get into it.

Like the comics, The Punisher does not hold back. There is language and violence throughout, yet you somehow feel for the Punisher throughout the film. I highly recommend you watch this film if you have not already, or re-watch it if you already have. It's the perfect time too, considering that the Punisher will be coming to Daredevil next season.

2. 'Hellboy' (2004)

As one of the most underrated comic book movies, Hellboy truly finds a way to shockingly deliver. The snarky attitude of Hellboy combined with the rest of the cast really pans out to be an entertaining film to watch. The occasional humor adds into the action of the film perfectly.

One of the best parts of this film is Ron Perlman, who delivers the role of Hellboy extraordinarily well. Like Robert Downey Jr. with Tony Stark, it almost appears as though Perlman was born to play this role. It's a very entertaining film to watch with plenty of action and occasional humor.

3. 'Catwoman' (2004)

Yes, I know, everyone hates Catwoman almost as much as they hate Batman & Robin. But the reason I included it on this list is actually because of how lacking the film is considered to be.

Let's face it, we all get those days where we just want to lay down and watch something stupid. Sometimes our minds are just too overworked to watch more complex movies like Inception. Catwoman purr-fectly fits this definition. If your mind really just needs a break, you can watch this movie and enjoy the fun parts of it without having the desire for a complex plot. Plus, Halle Berry looks pretty good in that cat suit, so there's that too.

4. 'Sin City' (2005)

Were The Punisher and Hellboy not enough for you? Well, here comes Sin City, which is one of the most badass comic book movies ever made. The entire feel of the film takes you into the world of a comic book, almost like it's coming right out of the pages! The cinematography and effects really have to be my favorite part of the movie — and that's saying something.

Outside of the cinematography, the action of the movie is very entertaining. Plus, it has a fair plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's really a cool movie to watch, especially in the dark — you can really enter the world of Sin City and experience it like you're in a theater.

5. 'Batman' (1989)

Let's face it, 1989's Batman was one of the greatest comic book movies ever. It redefined comic book movies in the film industry, making the sub-genre into the spectacle we see in theaters every couple months! Batman really started it all.

Director Tim Burton gives us the first dark and gritty Batman that fans had been dying for. Sure, it's not as dark and gritty as today, but compared to the TV show starring Adam West, this was an enormous break through. With Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson leading the movie's cast, there's practically no way to not enjoy this film.

Netflix is filled with countless more films than just these, but these are some of the best when it comes to the comic book sub-genre. And if you watch all these and want more, just scroll down until you reach "Because you watched ________" and choose from the movies in there!

Netflix has really come a long way, and we as a society clearly aren't complaining. Now quit reading this and go watch Batman!

What is your favorite movie on Netflix? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


Which of the movies above will you watch first?


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