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He came, he saw, he conquered. Deadpool was a hit and brought with him a new outlook on the future of comic book films. The character was well handled and the pace of the movie was brilliantly set up by jumping back and forth in time via flashbacks keeping the audience engaged. In short, the people behind the movie, especially Ryan Reynolds, took the time to come up with a film that suited the character. As a comic book film fan, I appreciated the hard work behind the film.

The movie had to jump over the usual hurdles that a comic book film has to deal with every time: navigating an origin story and bringing in people that are not familiar with the character. Deadpool managed to accomplish the feat in its own way and still somehow remain fresh in the eyes of comic book film fans.

Most of its success has to be credited to Ryan Reynolds. He fought for the movie he wanted and the rating that it deserved. Fortunately, the producers agreed with the vision (maybe because they thought the budget set at $50 million USD was a low risk, high reward type of thing) and went along with it. The risk paid off and we ended up with one of the best comic book films in recent memory.

And then we have the other end of the spectrum with Green Lantern.

Green Lantern by no means is a bad movie. The biggest issue was that it didn't have an identity. Personality or lack of is what can make or break even the best of films. The biggest sin of Green Lantern is that it was forgettable. It tried to do so much at the same time and the final product was pulled apart in different directions, leaving it aimless. Unfortunately for Ryan Reynolds, he was made the scapegoat.

By now moviegoers have to realize that Ryan Reynolds wasn't the problem with the movie. He was a good choice for Hal Jordan as well as with Wade Wilson, the difference being that he was allowed to do something with the character.

Everyone is aware of the massive success that Deadpool brought and I'm pretty sure the folks at Warner Bros. noticed, too.

Green Lantern is set to be rebooted in the year 2020 as Green Lantern Corps and we might see the new version of the character appearing in 2017's Justice League Part One. But what if the powers that be decide to go back to the drawing board real quick and bring back Ryan Reynolds' version of Green Lantern back before the actual reboot?

It's still up in the air who's going to be the new incarnation of the character, John Stewart being the most popular candidate (my personal favorite would be Kyle Rayner but this is not about me) and the most viable option. It will be interesting to see who would be representing Earth with the Corps since there are plenty of options to choose from and the movie has the luxury of time in regards to casting.

From left to right: Guy, Hal, John and Kyle
From left to right: Guy, Hal, John and Kyle

There are rumors about Darkseid being the main antagonist of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU) (but he would not be showing up until Justice League Part Two in 2019) and that Brainiac would be the main villain in Justice League Part One (2017) but nothing has been confirmed by the studio.

Well, what if the first villain that the Justice League have to confront is none other than...Hal Jordan!

Remember how disappointing it was for all of us to see Parallax as a dumb cloud with a face? How about if what we saw was just a manifestation of the power that Parallax wields? Remember the post credits scene?

It looks like the fear entity is well and still kicking.

This scene could set up Green Lantern Corps with Sinestro deserting and forming the Sinestro Corps and in the meantime Parallax could be poisoning Hal Jordan, little by little, creating the fearsome Parallax / Hal Jordan hybrid.

The "real" Parallax is truly terrifying
The "real" Parallax is truly terrifying

I know it's far fetched to imagine this scenario and Ryan Reynolds might be hesitant to go back to the character but this time, he has the leverage needed to make Hal Jordan the way it was meant to be. Best of all, it would be a one off since he wouldn't be tied up to a franchise. He can give a nice send off to the character, paving the way for the character's reboot.

There's still time to make Green Lantern part of this cinematic universe and people will definitely follow Ryan Reynolds into the movie theater without hesitation for a second rodeo.

Geoff Johns, the man that reinvented Green Lantern and that has provided some of the best stories the character has been part of in recent years, is heavily involved in the DCCU. It would be so cool to have him and Ryan Reynolds working together in a Green Lantern film.

But most importantly, just let Ryan Reynolds be himself.


Well, there you have it. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the read.


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