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Finally! After a whole winter break of speculation, fans were able to see the reason why Owen hates Nathan Riggs so much. As you all know, the reason has to do with the hot Trauma Doctor's sister, Megan Hunt.

One theory pitched Nathan as Owen's sister after a sex reassignment surgery, but this was debunked just before the return of [Grey's Anatomy](tag:200746). So, what is the real reason behind these doctors' feud?

Nathan was in love with Owen's sister, and she loved him back. From what Owen says, they had a perfect romance, which is why Owen's mom treated Nathan as a son. Sadly things ended tragically because Megan died. The circumstances surrounding her death are not yet revealed, but Nathan was with her the day that it happened, and because of this Owen blames him.

What Happened to Megan Hunt?

During the latest Grey's Anatomy episode, Owen confessed to Amelia that Nathan had something to do with his sister's death; actually, he is the one to blame for her demise, but he didn't state it at the time. This gives us room to speculate about the nature of this revelation.

Was it a car accident? an operation that Riggs was performing where Megan was on the table? was Megan in some other bizarre accident? could these love birds have been involved in something more sinister?

If Nathan is to blame for Megan's death, we have to be sorry for him too — from what Owen said, he loved her very much and he's probably still suffering too. Can his wounds be healed by restoring his friendship with Owen? Let's go over three main theories.

1. Riggs Caused The Accident

Let's say that Nathan and Megan were on a road trip, and while driving recklessly, he caused them to crash. When the paramedics arrived it was too late and she died due to the accident. Can this be a possibility?

2. Megan Had a Horrible Disease

There's another theory. Megan was sick and she hid her disease from her family, but not from Riggs. She trusted him to treated her and even when he did all that he could, she still passed away. This left Owen devastated because he couldn't help his sister, and he blames Nathan because he didn't do enough.

3. They Were Both Addicts

Imagine if Riggs and Megan's relationship actually parallels Amelia and Ryan's story. As you know, Amelia has a history of addiction that was explored deeply in Private Practice. She and her then fiancé, Ryan, overdosed and he died. What if Riggs and Megan were on the same path? One of them (let's say Riggs) was addicted to something bad (any ideas?), and they both overdosed but only one survived.

What do you think? Any of this theories resonate with you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and share your best theory!


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