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I find the key that links all fictional worlds and i am very very proud of this ! Here you'll find new details about it almost every day starting with this so stay close if you want to be a part of this Neo-Comics-Revolution ! are prepared to get starting ?!? Let's go ! From the variant comments that i readed those months when i will start subscribe on different comics news sites the majority of the fans are dissapointed of the actually direction of the comics industry . They want a World where they'll can found all they all love so much i mean a World-of-All ! I had the great oportunity to make their wish came true so i created the Earth-R/Future-Next/Neo-Future -yep , 3 names for the same think but all are corectlly ! This World is a Universe , a Universe before the birth of our Universe . After Protoverse , Extraverse , Nukeverse and others few that all was created enterlly by me in a period of some good years-i started all by the way in 1999 a couple of months ago i was flashed by the marvelous idea of this Earth-R so i included in my writing works . By the way my specialitty is writing , schetches , plots , storyboards and character designing . Here in Romania nobody is interested to join me in the role of a drawer from the simple fact that i am not the payer of his work ! Yes ! This is a terrible truth and it hurts ! It hurts like hell believe me ! If i was in the USA until now i were famous but here to be famous means to be a thief ! Here nobody aprechies real talents so you can die anonimous and nobody cares about it ! The system simply stoles your rights given by the constitution and nobody cares-believe me i am a victim f it-it cut me off of the payment of a monthly social help from the simply fact that i don't have a residence no more ! But enough talking about the shits that happens here ! Sorry for that by the way ! This article was only the intro of my vision of The World-Of-All ! Soon i will continue it with details ! My question for you guys ?!? Do you want to be a part of The Neo-Comics-Revolution ?!? If you are a cool unknown unlaunched drawer or simply a drawer that was fired or a drawer that searched the right proposal then leave a coment pls with a pic of your work and your e-mail adress-i will contact you soon and begin the finalization of the dream together ! And you are a girl and you know to draw comics don't be shy-this is your perfect oportunity to be notice ! Boys , girls , men or women , white or black doesn't matter your religion or your sexual orientation for me ! It metters only your talent and the fact to be sure and serious about this ! are ?!?


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