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It has almost been 3 years since the announcement of Batman v Superman as DC's follow up film to the break-even blockbuster, Man of Steel. In the wake of the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Green Lantern flop, and the turbulent reception of Zack Snyder's take on Superman, Warner Brothers has been pretty cautious about expanding their iconic properties. Instead, they have decided to throw all of their eggs into one basket on the shoulders of the World's Finest in hopes that a universe will build around it. That is a pretty big risk given the factors, and the studio has now started to worry about how the audience might compare this film to competing franchises. Although plenty of things could go wrong (like turning their heroes into executioners), here are five good reasons that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be a success for the studio.

5. The Cameos and Easter Eggs

WB and DC are not shying away from any major appearances or teases of the universe's biggest characters. The film will have at least six members of the Justice League (including Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg), and is said to contain a few hard-hitting villains. The rumor mill would also insist a brief cameo appearance from the Joker to establish a history with Batman, as well as the Justice League villain, Darkseid!

If anything, people are going to show up just to see their favorite underutilized characters on the big screen for the first time, or to find out what the studio was able to keep secret. I can't imagine a single comic book fan who would not like to witness the Dawn of Justice on the big screen.

4. The Action

If there is one thing about Zack Snyder films that has been exceptionally badass, it's the action. Batman v Superman is bringing one of the most classic battles in comic book history to life, "day vs night, god vs man, Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham!" With the release of the final full length trailer for BvS, they have already shown Batman's greatest theatrical fight sequence to date (which truly exemplifies his rugged ninja qualities).

There have been hints in the previews of a climatic showdown including Wonder Woman and Doomsday (supposedly) which also appears to be worth the price of admission. It's a little surprising the studio decided to save a number of big reveals for the opening weekend, but also nice to see Batman completely block a punch from Superman ("Tell me, do you bleed"?)

3. The Wonder Woman

For years audiences have been waiting for Wonder Woman to finally hit the big screen. The representation of female heroes have been rather slim prior to this, although WB is now committed to a solo film that is in production for a 2017 release. This will more or less be the first big budget female centric superhero film ever (without counting Lucy or possibly Catwoman). It's a big step for on screen superhero diversity, and Zack Snyder is no amateur when it comes to directing female warriors, with his previous film Sucker Punch as a perfect example. However big of a role Wonder Woman might have in BvS, this will definitely attract more viewers.

2. The Villains

Early reactions to the film have unanimously stated that Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor could be the most powerful part of the film. This is not a surprise, but it goes against early fan reactions concerned with a departure from the source material. Also from the trailer, we've seen what appears to be Doomsday, who is notorious for killing Superman in the comics.

If that's not enough, throughout the film there will also be hints leading toward the overarching villain for the Justice League, Darkseid! So in the midst of Warner Bros. lofty goals and ongoing universe, I'm sure Lex will play a huge role. In the trailer we saw Superman kneeling before him, which proves that he will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

1. The BATMAN!!! (Of course)

Other than Lex Luthor, the casting choice that sparked initial concern was Ben Affleck as Batman. However, early viewers have said Batman is going to be what saves the film. Warner Bros. and DC are also planning to fast track a solo franchise due to the positive reception, especially since he has strong ties to the highly anticipated Suicide Squad. This is no surprise and extremely exciting given that his fight scenes from the trailer are basically perfect. It's a little shocking, but Ben Affleck could be the best on screen Batman by far, and everyone is going to want to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because of it.

It is possible that Batman v Superman will not be the success that the studio expected, but at the same time it will more than likely not be a failure either. Even if the domestic box office doesn't break records, these characters are worldwide icons, and the ticket sales will reflect that. The film might be a little crowded, but this is an attempt to give the audience their first taste of a big screen Justice League. The movie has all the right pieces for a classic, but if that's not the case, it will at least make enough money to let WB and DC have another shot at doing it right.


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