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Have you watched the show called The 100? Maybe you were unaware that it existed. Maybe you were also unaware of the fact that some of the fans are calling for a boycott. Why, you ask, is a fandom turning against itself and possibly getting rid of their favourite show in the process?

Hell if I know. That being said, there is a reason for it.

In the show, the main character is called Clarke. In the last season it was established that Clarke is bisexual. For those who are also bisexual like I am, this is a HUGE accomplishment. It means representation. While you might think there's other representation for bisexuals, you might be slightly mistaken. For the most part, even female characters who have same-sex attraction are portrayed as 'not wanting to put a label on it.' While that is genuinely a thing within the LGBTQ community, in the TV community it is a way for writers to use the plot lines of a bisexual character without risking the negative connotations that can sometimes be associated with an LGBTQ character.

What does this have to do with The 100 you ask?

In the last season Clarke kissed a girl. Before you start singing Katy Perry, let's explain. Tensions ran high, and the Grounder Commander, Lexa, kissed Clarke. Fans promptly formed their ideal idea of a relationship in the show (ship for short), Clexa - Clarke and Lexa.

Still don't see the problem? Just wait.

Since the first season, Clarke has been shipped with Bellamy. Bellarke fans have still been tuning in, but they have been getting upset at the Clexa shippers. That and the fact that the show's been leaning towards Clexa.

All the tension came to a gigantic head when some footage of a future episode leaked online. The footage featured Clarke and Lexa having sex. Basically it was a confirmation of Clexa. As a result, Bellarke fans threatened to boycott the episodes. Basically this amounts to 'if you don't give us our way, we're going to do our best to get rid of the show we all love.'

Image courtesy of CW
Image courtesy of CW

That doesn't work very well for anyone because it ends up leaving us with no episodes of our favourite TV show. That would be a tragedy for everyone involved. It means the boycott didn't work, and it would rob us of an amazing TV show. In addition, it would give other people the impression fans of The 100 are homophobic when that just isn't true, is it? A lot of the fans are simply just more fans of Bellarke than Clexa.

My challenge to you readers? Tune in. Watch the episode. Hell, The CW has the episodes available right on their website. Support The 100 so it isn't cancelled. My challenge to Bellarke shippers is slightly different: don't be jerks and boycott something we all love. Just watch and let the writers do their jobs. You're allowed to be sad. The same will go for Clexa shippers if our ship ever dies.


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