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Winter Abbott
...h their worst films being "just ok." Though this is not always an accurate or detailed indicator, not one of Marvel's films has a rotten rating on rotten tomatoes. Film is art and art is subjective so I'm not going to talk about if Marvel or DC have "better" films. But I want to emphasize the importance of critical reception and even perceived reception. Movies tend to do well (meaning make all of the moneys) if they get good reviews. The success of DC can be seen as it's ability to get positive reviews which in turn will make it money. I love Marvel and DC because I love all things Superhero. "Man of Steel" gets a lot of crap, but in terms of film making, overall, I think it was up to standard. The major flaw for me was the lack of detail-attentive writing that created unintentional character flaws and plot holes. I have no idea if Batman V Superman will bomb, but the important thing to remember is that DC can't afford to continue releasing less-than great films. I personally think that the DCEU's fate is not determined by what Marvel has done, but by what DC will do in the future. I actually would have to disagree a little with this article. Use of villains, film release strategy, and time active in the genre have very little to do with DC's lack of success. bottomline is that a good film is a good film; DC just needs to make a good film, actually a GREAT film. My faith is shaken in Warner Brothers by what Zack Snyder has produced in the past. I loved "Man of Steel" and others such as "Sucker Punch" despite their flaws, but they were all critically pretty mixed. Maybe Zack Snyder films are ahead of their time or maybe his vision is one that doesn't resonate with DC comics and superhero fans. I think a "bad" first film can also taint any future films in the franchise, which is why I would say Marvel is far ahead in the lead. Either way DC needs a critically well-recieved film to gain solid footing in the genre otherwise it will continue to stumble and then the public will start to take away their support. I really want BvS to be amazing because then I can get even more DC films and if DC makes people excited about the genre then there will be more Marvel films as well! A bad film from either could kill the genre and then it would be back to the times when we would get a superhero film every 3 years, and I don't think any geek wants that!

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