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Somewhere in between training Tom Cruise on how to save our planet from an alien invasion and trying to stop Mexican drug cartels, Disney looked at Emily Blunt and had a supercalifragilisticexpialidiocious idea. In their pantheon of impending revisits to their classic entries they've apparently pegged the aforementioned star as Mary bloomin' Poppins in a sequel to the original film starring Julie Andrews.

Blunt and the House of Mouse have a brief history already, courtesy of that fairytale mish-mash musical, Into The Woods, directed by Rob Marshall. He's also being roped in to helm the project which will focus on the fantastic family helper reuniting with the Banks' 20 years on when things are all a bit depressing, thanks to The Great Depression.

Now of course some of you might see this as blasphemy. Disney digging up old gems and tarnishing them with new stories pulled out of thin air - what the flip are they thinking? Not so in the case of our dear Mary, though. See, the hope is that Marshall, along with screenwriter P.L. Travers will be skimming through the pages of P.L. Travers' original series the 1964 film is based on. There's enough material there to fill even dear Mary's travel bag.

Currently there's nothing set in stone just yet, but it's an interesting casting choice, nonetheless. We already know she's got acting chops and can carry a tune pretty well. What do you think? Is this pick practically perfect in every way or not? Sound off in the comments below.


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