ByWykil Abel, writer at

Growing up as kids we all came familiar with superheroes. We marveled them, we wanted their action figures and we wished we could have special abilities like them. The world needs a Superman, a Batman, a Wonder Woman, the entire Justice League. The world also needs Young Justice!! The first seven heroes (from justice league unlimited series) Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, Martian Man Hunter and the Flash were the basis and will always be the heroes they were back years ago and the heroes that I would want my kids to know about. Young Justice goes beyond with the heroes and their protégés such as Aqua man and Aqua Lad, Batman and Robin, Superman and Super Boy, and Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl and so on. I've closely followed both Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice on Netflix. I fact it's been the only thing I've been watching for the past several weeks, I went back from the Justice league to the second season of young Justice just to follow the story line and have a better understanding of it. I often eat dinner while watching it. In my opinion television especially for kids can't get any better. It's sad that generations today won't know the experience of the original Justice League and the storyline behind it. But maybe we can render hope as they get into a new experience with Young Justice as it targets the younger demographic. I'm only 18 myself but I am and always will be a kid at heart and I think Metflix should bring a season 3 of young Justice! It's something so serious that I would pay to see.


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