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There's a lot to love about Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's runaway success show that is Rick and Morty. From the scrawling animation style and aliens of a testicular aesthetic to the hidden depths that lurk below the cleverly crafted characters, you'd be hard pressed to find another animated show currently airing (or streaming) able to hold a candle to the widely loved phenomenon.

Some of the greatest things about Rick and Morty are contained within its subtleties. From the often quiet pop culture references that pepper the episodes to the hard hitting emotional moments that work because they're unexpected in amongst all the crude humor, it's a delicate balance to strike and thankfully the show hasn't burnt itself out yet.

And it's no secret that improvisation plays a large part in the fabrication of the beloved animated show, none more so than in the case of co-creator Justin Roiland, who voices both the titular characters.

Indeed a great number of Roiland's lines and even scenes themselves are improvised, such as the opening scene in the pilot episode. This isn't necessarily just an artistic choice though, rather one which

"When doing the dialogue I have to toss the script aside. Even if I'm sticking to a very specific line of dialogue that is required for a very specific joke set up or punchline, I find that if I allow myself to adjust the wording and let it come out more naturally to how I would actually say it, it helps make the characters feel more real / alive / natural."

Improv is a useful tool for comedy if you know how to wield it, and the Rick and Morty crew are effortlessly talented at doing so. But there's a certain improv scene you might not have seen before...

At a convention panel for the show the Rick and Morty voice cast were charged with doing a short improv scene between them. And YouTuber Moleman has used the dialogue and his own animation skills to create an all new, kinda Rick and Morty but kinda not really, scene.

The breakfast table scene features Justin Roiland as Rick and Morty, Sarah Chalke as Beth, Chris Parnell as Jerry and co-creator Dan Harmon as Summer (filling the space of the absent Spencer Grammer). Be warned - it's very not safe for work nor suitable for the easily offended, and involves certain bodily fluids you don't want on your breakfast. Check it out below!

Whilst the animation is a little ragged it's a cute ode to the series, and Dan Harmon animated in the guise of Summer is pretty hilarious to witness, not to mention Sarah Chalke's unusually foul mouthed Beth.

And whilst the dialogue doesn't quite measure up to that of the show it's perfectly understandable, live is always a bit tricker to deal with than being in the studio.

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