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"Weird Al" Yankovic has been a fan favorite parody artist for decades, and with a recent appearance on the ABC sitcom, The Goldbergs, it is clear that Hollywood needs to finally make Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. A little over five years ago, Funny or Die produced a mock trailer for the film uniquely starring Aaron Paul as Weird Al, Olivia Wilde as Madonna, and Patton Oswalt as mentor Dr. Demento. Needless to say it was genius, and it made fans everywhere excited by the prospect of a full length version to the biopic. Sadly, that never happened, and so the fake trailer lives on in infamy. As a parody icon writing hilariously classic songs, music videos, and even a theatrical feature, it is about time that the legend finally sees his story on the big screen.

Following the trailer's suit so to speak, the movie should be a complete parody of itself. Real life elements could be spliced in for some authenticity, but almost everything else should be hyperbolized and fantasized. This would take the idea of a parody artist to the extreme, and hopefully, Al would reprise the role as the manager that is awestruck by the talent of a young "Weird Al" Yankovic. Much like the film Walk Hard, this biopic would skewer the entire music industry and the art of biographical films themselves. There is nobody better suited for this kind of undertaking, and just imagine the soundtrack they could put together.

You might be thinking to yourself, "A 'Weird Al' Movie!!! Why has this not happened before?" To answer that question, it sort of did. In 1989, Al Yankovic wrote and starred in the underrated comedy classic, UHF. The movie is about a film nerd who gets a chance to run his own TV studio, but desperately needs to boost the ratings in order to save the station. Featuring some of his parody song classics such as 'Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies,' and hilarious homages to some of the greatest scenes in film history, it was a surprise that the movie did not gain more notoriety. Marking the film's 25th anniversary a couple years ago, the celebration was shockingly minimal and Al did not choose to announce another project in the same vein. However, if UHF is any indication of the quality of another 'Weird Al' flick, his biopic would be gold!

In recent news, 'Weird Al' has joined Comedy Bang! Bang! as the new bandleader. He has also guest starred on a few different TV shows, and is a part of a marketing campaign for the Sundance network. Needless to say, he is staying busy and is probably plugging away on yet another album because that is what he does best. If anything, he's making (or at least keeping) the right friends to get a chance at a biopic, all he would have to do now is write it, produce it, cast it, and probably star in it. So what is he waiting for, or why have the studios not begged for this film to be made? I guess if you are going to do a 'Weird Al' movie, you would want it to be done right... so then, just do it right already Hollywood! Now watch as 'Weird Al' gets Tacky.


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