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Deadpool is definitely the most risqué Marvel movie to date. Breaking the fourth wall throughout, Deadpool is one big meta spoof as Wade Wilson gleefully pokes fun at Marvel's greatest hits and Ryan Reynolds' biggest flops. By this point we all know how many Marvel, DC and pop-culture references the creative team crammed into the film, but there's still a lot more to learn...

And here's the best fun facts we've learnt since Deadpool was released!

Ryan Reynolds Is Done With Superhero Films

Reynolds is known for many things, like his irreverent sense of humor and having possibly the best Twitter account on the planet:

Thanks to his prolific appearances in many comic-book movies, from Green Lantern to Blade: Trinity, Reynolds has become Hollywood's superhero du jour. But, as the actor told The Huffington Post, Deadpool is the last time he'll squeeze his ass into spandex:

Ryan Reynolds' many comic book movies.
Ryan Reynolds' many comic book movies.
"We all want to be Batman alone at home in our specifically-sewn Bat pajammies, but no, I have no desire to play any other superheroes after this. Hopefully we'll get to do Deadpool again. But that's it for me. I've punched that superhero card a few times now, and that's enough."

With Deadpool 2 officially green-lit, at least we know we'll see more of Reynolds as the merc with a mouth. Definitely around Halloween, because...

Ryan Reynolds Took The Super Suit Home!

Usually, actors aren't allowed to keep their costumes, as the studios need to reuse them for future films or exhibitions. But Reynolds was having none of that.

In another interview, he explained how he was almost stopped from leaving the film set in the suit:

"The last day of shooting I was walking off set and the costumer asked, 'Don't you wanna take the suit off?' And I said, 'Try and take it from me.' And I just left! I left with it."

Understandable. He does look outstanding in the onesie, after all.

He Was Just Too Ripped For The Suit!

Initially, the Deadpool suit was designed to have padded muscles to make Reynolds look more like the comic book character. But it turns out he was already so muscly that the padding made his outfit too tight!

Ryan Reynolds fills out the suit so well...
Ryan Reynolds fills out the suit so well...

So if the brawn is real, does that mean the super penis is, too?

Some 'Deadpool' Scenes Were Improvised

Although the script was chock-full of hilarious zingers and excellent one-liners, quite a few of the scenes were improvised — and a few were just too filthy even for the R rating!

According to Reynolds and director Tim Miller, we can look forward to an even more R-rated cut when the DVD and Blu-ray are released.

The Strip Club Is An Actual Strip Club

Did you like the look of the strangely named No. 5 Orange strip club in the Deadpool movie? Well, you're in luck! This is actually a real place in Vancouver, Canada.

The delectable No.5 Orange club.
The delectable No.5 Orange club.

Better start saving for those plane tickets!

The Studio Really Couldn't Afford Another X-Man

The budget for Deadpool was crazy low, just $58 million, which meant the movie was shot in a head-spinning 48 days. But halfway through filming, the studio actually cut a further $7 million from the budget.

So the grand-finale fight scene had to be much simpler than originally planned, which is apparently why Wade forgets his giant Hello Kitty bagful of guns. Luckily, Fox could afford at least one superhero landing...

...even though it's terrible for your knees.

Reynolds' Acting Career Began In 1991...

...which is the same year as Deadpool's comic debut! So the release of the Deadpool movie coincides with the comic's 25th birthday.

Congratulations, Wade!
Congratulations, Wade!

And we definitely hope there are many happy returns for this franchise.

Got any more Deadpool fun facts? Let us know what they are in the comments, or make your own post!


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