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(Warning — the following contains major plot SPOILERS for Fox and Marvel's Deadpool. If you haven't yet seen it, then proceed with caution — or bookmark the hell out of this article, and go and watch it now. Don't worry, we'll wait...)

Now, Deadpool may currently be in the process of tearing up the global box office, breaking numerous R-rated records in the process, but if there's one thing that life (and Hollywood) has taught us, it's that box office success isn't always a good indicator of quality.

Thankfully, though, Deadpool actually turned out to not only not suck, but to actually be really rather darned good. Which, of course, isn't to say that it's perfect. After all, as a whole lot of fans pointed out upon exiting the theater...

(Note — this is where those aforementioned SPOILERS really kick in...)

Deadpool Sure Did Take A Long Time To Find Francis

In fact, from the looks of the gore and bloody murder-filled montage sequence we saw, it took him months of bloody murder, all just to find the kind of guy who hangs around in abandoned helicarriers and meets shady characters in broad daylight.

Which either makes Deadpool a terrible detective (admittedly possible) or suggests that there was a deeper reason for his inability to find Francis, despite his burning desire to do so.

Worry not though, gang — an intrepid Redditor by the name of dalundum just might have an explanation for us — and it's not just that a search montage was necessary for the plot. Instead:

Deadpool Couldn't Find Francis Precisely Because He Kept Trying To Find 'Francis'

As dalundum argues, Deadpool's big problem was that...

"...he keeps asking "Where's Francis?! Where's Francis?! " when everyone only knows him as "Ajax". A lot people must have been seriously confused before dying."

Which... actually makes a hell of a lot of sense. After all, Francis was pretty darned mad about Deadpool finding out that his real name wasn't actually Ajax, which suggests that he'd have gone to great lengths to ensure that most of his underlings and associates wouldn't know it.

If so, then Deadpool's refusal to refer to Francis as Ajax might just have delayed the 'actually finding him' process by months.

Though, knowing Wade 'legitimate crazy person' Wilson, that's the sort of thing he might actually have knowingly done on principle, all the while fully aware that he was completely screwing himself over in the process...

Oh, Deadpool. What a scamp....

What do you think, though?


Why do you think Deadpool took so long to find Francis?

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