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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

I think it's fair to say that as Batman's influence has steadily increased in the cinema, the fighting style of our hero and villains have become a shed ton more brutal. I mean really brutal.

Take the fight between Bane and Bats in The Dark Knight Rises, and tell me you didn't clench when Tom Hardy's mumbling villain beat seven shades of shit out of our stealthy champion.

That was pretty raw, right? But does it compare to the action of Ben Affleck's Batman tearing through that group of goons in the latest and last Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer?

Nah, not really. But as badass and great as it is to see Bats tearing it up in true Bats fashion, I can't help but shake the fact that I've seen his latest fight style before. In fact, many times across what is, arguably, the best Batman trilogy made: Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy.

Don't believe me? Check out this genius fan made video by Grizzly Productions that successfully draws parallels between the two:

Can't watch the video, take this here GIF and be sated:

See what I mean? How similar is that to actual gameplay from Arkham Knight?

As the lines between video games and cinema begin to blur, it's no surprise that Rocksteady's seminal, rewarding and oft imitated fighting mechanic would make its way into Zack Snyder's impending superhero epic, especially seeing how true to source material he likes to stick.

I mean, Batman coming up through the floor, sabotaging the goons' guns with sticky EMP charges, throwing people through walls and using other bits of scenery to screw up the heels for hires' days is mechanics ripped straight from Arkham. And I'm all for it!

What about you?


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