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Sometimes everybody hits their limits — even some of our favorite celebs. These stars felt the strain so much they almost threw in the towel (but we're so glad they didn't!).

Emma Watson Wanted To Stay In Muggle School

The female star of the Harry Potter franchise didn't want to continue filming at the expense of her education. She told MTV News:

“It was mainly to do with scheduling and I had a real fight on my hands to ensure that I was able to go to university and I was able to sit my A-levels, because the schedule they handed to me didn’t really allow for any of that and I just wasn’t prepared to let it go.”

But Warner Bros. couldn't let Hermione Granger go, either. For filming of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Watson says, "They essentially moved the Harry Potter film schedule around my exam dates, which was amazing."

Ian McKellen Couldn't Stand The Green Screen

Source: The Hobbit
Source: The Hobbit

The Hobbit is full of special effects and trick photography. McKellen (Gandalf) had to film most of his scenes by himself in front of a green screen, with the editors adding in the Hobbits later. In an interview with The Guardian, he said:

"It was so distressing and off-putting and difficult that I thought, 'I don't want to make this film if this is what I'm going to have to do. It's not what I do for a living. I act with other people, I don't act on my own.'"

But the crew encouraged him to stick it out and even held "Gandalf Appreciation Day" to make him feel better. Awww!!!

Max Greenfield Wanted To Focus On Fatherhood

Source: New Girl
Source: New Girl

What would New Girl be without Schmidt? Greenfield almost didn't sign on for the show. He told The Wrap:

“Right before ‘New Girl’ happened, there were definitely moments of, I probably shouldn’t do this anymore. I just had a kid and at one point was like, 'At what point does this become selfish?' You don’t want to become a dad who is running around and saying, ‘I just got a callback on a guest star on The Middle.' I just didn’t want to be that guy.”

Lauren Cohan Was Deeply Disturbed By A Particular Scene

Source: The Walking Dead
Source: The Walking Dead

When she read her script for Season 3 of The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan didn't think she could act in the scene where she is supposed to perform a C-section on Lori to save baby Judith. In an episode of Inside The Actor's Studio, she revealed:

"It affects you so deeply to the core to touch on … to dive into so much of this material. And then I realized that’s why I have to do it … We watch to feel and to hopefully, honestly portray something. And bad stuff happens, and what’s the point in not getting real about it?"

You can watch that full scene here:

Sandra Bullock Was Depressed After The Press Over-Publicized Her Divorce

Source: Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close
Source: Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

The Academy Award-winning actress from The Blind Side almost bailed after her divorce from tattooed TV personality Jesse James became fodder for the tabloids in 2010. She admitted to The Associated Press:

“I was perfectly content to be permanently broken. I honestly didn’t think I was in a place where I wanted to work or wanted to step out of where I was … I wasn’t prepared. But the opportunity [to work again] was louder than my head.”

What Do You Think About The Tough Calls These Stars Made?

Source: The Telegraph
Source: The Telegraph

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