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Are you tired of getting too much sleep at night? Do you feel like your dreams have become a dull procession of never-ending rainbows and unimaginatively cute fluffy rabbits? Fear not, because The Walking Dead pop-up book is here to spice up your bedtime ritual.

Staying True To The Show

The post-apocalyptic zombie tale of The Walking Dead, based on the comic book series of the same name, follows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as he and his companions attempt to survive. It's packed with gut-exposing combat scenes and bloody wounds, so it's no surprise that this book looks much more gruesome than the ones you used to have as a kid.

Sure, it won't be as gory as poor Andrea in The Governor's basement, but considering they're guts drawn on paper, they're pretty damn impressive.

Don't dead open inside
Don't dead open inside

Spectacular Pop-Ups

Designed by paper engineers David Hawcock and Becca Zerkin, the book holds five pages with a central pop-up element in each, surrounded by smaller parts to explore. It's beautifully crafted, full of gory details and includes the more memorable parts of the show.

It's The Perfect Gift

You can get your hands on it for $40 on Amazon, where the 4.9/5 rating should convince you that fairytales are overrated.

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Would you dare to keep this book on your bedside table?

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