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WARNING: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' episode 10 "The Next World." Do not proceed unless you have seen the episode!

After the intensity of last week's episode of The Walking Dead, episode 10 certainly brought a different pace as we joined Daryl and Rick on a road trip and Michonne and Spencer on a walk in the woods.

But despite the lack of people being torn apart by walkers, I think you'll still agree that the episode was amazing. Take a look at the top 4 "Hell Yes!" moments from [The Walking Dead](tag:201193) episode 10 'The Next World,' and then check out the '5 Things You Might Have Missed' article over here.

1. Daryl and Rick on the road


Rick and Daryl on the road, just two bros hanging out, listening to tunes and driving a sweet ass car on a supply run. After a number of pretty serious and intense episodes, it was almost as though The Walking Dead had become a comedy for much of 'The Next World,' and it was great.

But, despite the Rick and Daryl scenes being quite humorous, the very first scene of the episode, in which Rick is drilling another notch in his belt, showed that it was actually pretty vital that Daryl and Rick come back with food from their supply run — they're all slowly starving.

2. Jesus has risen!

Jesus's introduction in the comics
Jesus's introduction in the comics

Fans of the comic book series have been waiting for the introduction of this character for quite a while and I doubt they will have been disappointed by his pretty smooth entrance, which somewhat mirrored the source material (though in the comics it was Abraham and Michonne who first meet Jesus).

The introduction of Jesus in the comic series isn't quite as comical as in 'The Next World,' but the outcome of him ending up in a cell in Alexandria is still the same in both the comic and TV series. The arrival of Jesus in the show is a pretty important moment for the reasons that Rick already suspects — he does indeed come from another community and, not to give it all away, that community will have a pretty big impact for Alexandria and its residents.

3. Zombie Deanna

Deanna is her last moments as a human
Deanna is her last moments as a human

It looked as though cheese had slid off Carl's cracker when he refused to put down a walker wandering the in the trees, much to Enid's frustration. But soon we figured out the sensitive teen's true motives when he lead the walker straight to Spencer and Michonne, and the walker was revealed to be a reanimated Deanna.


The series doesn't often show its characters reanimated as walkers, but when it does it always packs a punch (in the past we've seen Amy, Sophia, Shane, Merle, and Hershel reanimate), and Deanna in her zombie state was no exception.

If Daryl and Rick were the comic relief of the episode, Carl leading Deanna to Spencer was the emotional hit for several reasons. Firstly Spencer had to put his zombified mother down, secondly Carl was reminded of having to do the same to his own mother, and thirdly Carl finally told Michonne that he considers her a family member — aww!

4. Richonne finally happened

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

With Jessie out the way Rick wasted no time moving on to his right-hand woman, Michonne!

The episode opened with Michonne and Rick already acting like a married couple; listening to music, chatting about toothpaste, and talking with Carl, and it certainly ended with the pair acting like a married couple! What was particularly sweet was the gesture that finally brought them together — Rick remembering to take a roll of mints from the vending machine as replacement for her toothpaste.

Rick and Andrea kiss in the comics
Rick and Andrea kiss in the comics

It'll be interesting to see how this relationship progresses in the future, especially because this now essentially confirms what fans have long suspected: Michonne has taken on the Andrea role from the comic series.

'The Walking Dead' returns with episode 11 next Sunday, February 28th on AMC.


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