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WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' TV series AND comic series.

With Scott Gimple at the helm, over the last few seasons The Walking Dead has really returned to its comic book roots. More and more we see storylines either plucked directly from the source material, or heavily inspired by it.

Given that we just witnessed an episode containing a lot of parallels with the comic series, what other storylines from the comic series can we expect to see in the near-ish future? Take a look at a few predictions I'm making:

Last Chance: Comic Spoilers Ahead!

1. Jesus Is Coming

Jesus is kind of awesome
Jesus is kind of awesome

Now we know that Negan will soon be arriving, there's another character who will almost certainly be introduced: Paul "Jesus" Monroe. Despite Jesus's entrance in the comic series, it's soon obvious that he's not a bad guy, and actually he and Rick end up as powerful allies. But if Jesus is soon to be introduced, that means that another comic book storyline will soon follow on his heels....

2. Hilltop Colony

Jesus shows Rick and the gang Hilltop
Jesus shows Rick and the gang Hilltop

That's right, there's a whole other community of people and it's called Hilltop Colony. The Hilltop is where Jesus lives, and after he meets Rick and the Alexandrians he takes a party back with him to show them around and prove that he's a good guy. In the comic series, Hilltop is about 20 miles from Alexandria and houses around 200 residents, so basically it'll be a great new setting because think of all the new characters we'll get to meet!

3. Abraham's Death

Sorry to all of you who didn't know about this one, but don't say I didn't warn you about spoilers!

In the comic series Abraham dies at the hands of Dwight, a character who we've actually already met in the TV series, back in Episode 6, "Always Accountable," which is what makes this whole storyline incredibly likely. We've almost certainly not seen the end of Dwight and his gal Honey, so could the next time we seen them be after they shoot an arrow straight through Abraham? Quite possibly.

Negan Will Kill A Main Character

Yes, at this stage it's basically inevitable: A character will definitely die at the hands (and baseball bat) of Negan. For those that don't know, Negan is one evil bastard and in the comic series he brutally murders Glenn Rhee in front of his pregnant wife and their friends. While I'm not entirely convinced that Glenn will be the character who gets the bash (in saying that, he totally could be), I do think it's a storyline from the comics that the TV show simply won't miss, which unfortunately means a beloved main character will become worm food.

The next episode of 'The Walking Dead,' "The Next World," will air Sunday, February 21 on AMC

What storyline do you think we'll see next on 'The Walking Dead'?


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