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The tissues* were pulled out of our pockets for zillionth time in the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy 'Please Don’t Go.'

As always, there's good news and there's bad news mixed with a healthy dose of attractiveness and a back-seat make-out session. If you haven't watched the latest installment then continue at your own risk, as of course there are many

*spoilers ahead*

The five main take-aways from 'Please Don’t Go'

1. Chief Bailey

Predictably, Owen is still pretty pissed that he's forced to work in the same environment as his sworn enemy, Riggs, even after punching him in the face. So, Bailey has taken it upon herself to sort them out - i.e forcing them together relentlessly.

That plan backfires (wink) quickly - when Owen and Riggs bring a patient back from the ambulance bay - the ambulance explodes and the hospital is sent into chaos.

The bickering continues regardless though, obviously.

2. Owen opens up to Amelia

In this episode Owen finally opens up to Amelia about what actually happened between him and Riggs and it's way worse than we could have predicted.

They were the best of friends back in med school and everything was hunky dory, until Owen's little sister, Megan, fell in love with Riggs and died on his watch. He has since blamed Riggs for her death and never forgiven himself for trusting him. Oof!

Amelia's advice? Give the guy a second chance.

3. The temporary truce

That second chance comes when Owen needs someone from cardio to perform urgent surgery. They immediately fall into a seamless routine, anticipating each others needs and moving in tandem. They even finish one another's sentences.

We're all watching in disbelief... until the surgery is over, and then they're back to their good, old, and slightly waring, selves.

4. Cracking them open

You also get to witness a teenagers ribs being ripped open, so that's fun. Alex may not be Mya's doctor anymore, but he's still there to comfort her before surgery because that's just the kind of guy he is.

*This is when you'll need the tissues.

5. Meredith's therapy

Meredith's therapy session frames the entire episode in a really neat way - and her doctor has predicted something we all know is coming. Alex.

Asking her whether she's in love with him, Meredith laughs it off but come on! She claims to want to be alone thanks to the people she loves constantly being taken from her but what if, just what if, she doesn't actually want to be alone anymore?

What do you want to see in next week's installment of Grey's Anatomy?

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