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The Chinese calendar might say year of the monkey, but there must be something about bears in Hollywood lately. In a sneak peek for Season 4 of Vikings, which just returned on History, we can see Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) taking on an aggressive bear with nothing more than his knife and his bare hands.

'Vikings' Season 4 Sneak Peek

But even though we can't help but think of Leonardo DiCaprio's notorious scene in The Revenant, Vikings creator Michael Hirst swears he wasn't trying to hop on the bear bandwagon.

Any resemblance is purely coincidental
Any resemblance is purely coincidental

How To Get Bears On Set

In an interview with Variety, he swears he "didn’t know they were making a movie about someone fighting a bear" and explains how the scene came to life:

"I remember talking at the end of Season 3 to various people at the studio saying, 'I need a test for Bjorn. I want to send him into the wilderness. What kind of trials could he possibly have in the Scandinavian wilderness?' and the bear came up. I said, 'wow, can we actually do that?'"
"And we had two bears, absolutely awesome things, you know, 10 foot tall when they stood up. So the coincidence is entirely coincidental, but it’s funny. It’s very strange."

Vikings, the Norse legend-inspired saga following Viking Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Finnel) in his rise from simple farmer to king of Denmark, has grown from 10 to 20 episodes for this Season 4. Hirst already announced it would be a crucial season for the characters, as Ragnar is feeling lonelier and weaker than ever.

Who's your favourite character in 'Vikings'?

Source: Variety


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