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With the R-Rated success with Deadpool and all the fan fare about the greatness that is the Deadpool character. Fox is currently teasing and/or suggesting that they will look into making the next Wolverine sequel Rated-R also. Which brings me to why we are here.

Wolverine vs Deadpool!

There were plenty of Hugh Jackman and Wolverine references in Deadpool to get the fan base buzzing on the possibility of Wolverine being in the next Deadpool.

Is Fox looking into the R-Rating so they can make Wolverine 3 a potential face off or inclusion of Deadpool? As we've seen and loved since its release, Deadpool can't be censored to be successful and adding him to any Fox owned Marvel property will come with the baggage of needing to have an R-Rating.

Deadpool (2016)
Deadpool (2016)

2016 is being seen as the year of the super hero face-offs. DC started it with the announcement of Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it was then followed by the surprise announcement that the new Captain America will be called Captain America: Civil War and will have Iron Man facing off against Captain America. Fox is not going to release any new information about The Wolverine 3 until the battles that will be waged in the coming months conclude. After that, I would not be shocked to hear that The Wolverine 3 will include Deadpool, with an epic battle occurring in the movie.

The first attempt at this battle was made during the disaster that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

That attempt failed to depict the character of Deadpool in a very epic way. By giving him a slew of powers and abilities not remotely close to what Deadpool is. Beginning with sewing his mouth shut.

If Fox was to go this route, it will be playing into the fans' hands. Which happens to be the same approach they took with Deadpool this entire time. They would release info and/or have it leak, and then gauge the reaction from fans in order to determine whether or not to move forward.

An R-Rated Wolverine movie will go against what they've established since the first original X-Men movie back in 2000. Keeping everything family friendly without the tapping into the actual rage that is Wolverine. As a parent, it's very difficult to explain to your child why they can't go see the movie of a character they've already seen in the Marvel cartoon series on Disney channel. Now with the next Wolverine installment attempting a R-Rating; that will be even more difficult to explain, seeing that we've gone to the movie to see them all together as a family. My son has to wait at the least 4 years before we allow him to see Deadpool, and he has already started a countdown for April 23rd, 2020.


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