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Jaimie Alexander is best known for her portrayal of Lady Sif in Marvel's Thor or as Jane Doe in NBC's Blindspot. But in a recent interview she said that, she was almost DC's Wonder Women.

When questioned whether she was disappointed in being passed over for the role of Wonder Women, she said:

I’m excited to see what she’s going to do with the role. I was one of a few people that were an obvious choice for Wonder Woman, but it was never going to happen. I’m contracted with Marvel and it would (be) strange," said Alexander. "Sif, in her way, is Marvel’s Wonder Woman. They’re both ethereal and have armor and a sword, and have special abilities; the physicality of the role is very similar.

She also said that she believes DC doesn't do justice to its characters in the way Marvel has.

The thing I really enjoy about Marvel is that they start with a character first and all the explosions and costumes, the glitz and glam, are secondary to who the actual character is deep down. That’s something I haven’t really been able to find with DC Comics,"
said Alexander. "I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s been my experience.

Well, thats really a bold statement.

Jaimie said she is a huge comic books fan as she grew up reading comic books and watching these characters on tv.

I’m a huge comic book fan, and I’ve read a lot from all different comic book outlets. I enjoy Marvel, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in the Thor films. I gravitate towards the Marvel characters," said the actress. "Of course, growing up I really loved Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman; there will never be a better Wonder Woman.


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