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The Legend of Zelda has had some super memorable weapons and items over its many years and many games. Staples like the Master Sword, Hookshot and bombs of course are as synonymous as the game itself.

But what about those awesome items and weapons unlucky enough to be excluded from future iterations of the classic franchise? You remember how awesome the Deku Leaf or the Dominion Rod was right? Where have they gone?!

Come join me as I have a look at 10 of the coolest Zelda weapons never to be seen again:

1. Spinner - Twilight Princess

Oh Nintendo, you clever, clever people you. As if LoZ needed any introduction to the younguns of the world, what better way to pull them in than gifting Link a clanking, spinning skateboard that smashes through bad guys like a drunk Beyblade. Amazing!

2. Deku Leaf - The Wind Waker

As the worlds of the various Zelda games, post OoT and Mask, grew larger and larger, it was a magical stroke that Ninety introduced the Deku Leaf to the franchise, but only to take it away again. The leaf acted as a parachute that would ferry you to safety from a high height, and was also used to dispatch goons with a huge gust of air.

3. Hover Boots - Ocarina of Time

Found where else but in the Shadow Temple, these stupidly cool kicks allowed Link to linger mid-air for a short period of time before, more than usually, plummeting to his death. They also allowed you to bypass a lot of the effort it took to find the Mirror Shield.

4. Magic Cape - A Link To The Past

This one doesn't need much fanfare seeing as it's a damn magical cape. This piece of red and orange tinted swag makes you invisible and invincible. Please bring it back, Nintendo.

5. Beetle - Skyward Sword

Now seemingly coming across like some kind of comment on today's drone culture, beetle was a item/familiar that would aid Link by collecting rupees, offering a lofty perspective of potential dangers and, even better, would drop a bomb on any unsuspecting swear word that crosses your path!

6. Great Fairy's Sword - Majora's Mask

If the Biggoron Sword was designed by a nu-rave enthusiast, you would've come out with this absolute horror/beauty of a weapon. The Great Fairy's Sword made for super chic battle when taking out hordes of bad guys. But seriously, that colour scheme though...

7. Ball & Chain - Twilight Princess

Speed and precisely aimed strikes are what the Zelda franchise is all about. But introducing the barrel of madness that is the Ball & Chain was a masterstroke in my opinion. A ridiculously powerful weapon that, when landed correctly, will dispatch a foe as easily as a warm knife slips through butter. I loved smacking it into walls to reveal hidden things. But then I'm all about destructible environments.

8. Dominion Rod - Twilight Princess

I can see why this particular item hasn't reappeared in the inventories of later Zeldas, because it is one huge cheat code of a stick. The Dominion Rod gives you control over all of the statues in Hyrule and the Temple of Time, meaning they can come to you aid when fighting and trying to figure out puzzles. Pretty dope.

9. The Wind Waker - Guess

Yes the name of this item may indicate that it was for use only in Wind Waker, but how cool would've have been to have controlled the wind with this little conductor's baton in Skyward Sword or, you know, any other Zelda game?

10. Blast Mask - Majora's Mask

Hilarious, super cute and pretty friggin' dark actually, the Blast Mask turned Link into a Hyrulean kamikaze fiend and blow things up at will. Completely fair enough.

What is your favourite Legend of Zelda item?


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