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(this is a SPOILER heavy fan theory partially of my own about George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and HBO's [Game of Thrones](tag:817617) for all seasons).

For the first time ever, in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, the show and the books are overall, at the same point. At the end of A Dance With Dragons (Martins fifth and most recent book in the unfinished series), we readers were left with a dead Jon and a Captured Daenerys, since its release in 2011.

Book readers have been stuck for years on the same cliffhangers that show watchers were subjected to this past summer. Show watchers around the world have joined in on theorizing about how Jon will come back from his bloody death, because... come on... he has to come back. He won't be unceremoniously killed off like so many other of our favorite characters.


This Bad Mo Fo:


and worst of all... him:

Unfortunately for most of these characters, they belong dead. Their deaths are staples of the story. Their unceremonious murders, by fiction's mass murdering George R. R. Martin and TV's mass murdering David Benioff and D.B Weiss, make this show and book series so adored. It keeps viewers of the edge of their seats, because no character is safe. But Jon is different, right?

He has unfinished business. He is the only character to die that has felt like a main character. He is one of the big three of these books/this show (Jon, Daenerys, and Tyrion). Besides how loved he is, he is central to the Song of Ice and Fire. Why would Mr. Martin have left so many unanswered questions like: Who is Jon Snows mother? Will Jon ever see Bran and Rickon, or Arya again? Is R+L=J (look it up) true?

Jon Snow's resurrection must happen. He must come back. He is coming back: We even know Kit Harrington has been on the Game of Thrones Season 6 set, and then this picture has been released:

His return has been heavily teased, but how will the 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch return from the "dead"?

I'm going to address a few possibilities (that I don't claim as creatively my own at all):

1. Resurrected With Blood Magic By Melisandre

This seems like the obvious choice. In the show she returns to the wall right before Jon gets poked full of holes. In the novels Mel actually chooses to stay at the wall, while Stannis marches to Winterfell (she never burns Shireen in the books).

Proof For: We have even seen another Red Priest, Thoros of Myr, resurrect Beric Dondarrion, in Season 3 of the show and in A Storm of Swords. He claims to have died and been resurrected several times using the power of The Red God.

Proof Against: There is no proof the Mel is able to resurrect anyone. She has shown magical abilities like seeing visions in fires and has birthed some ghost demons to kill people, but never any resurrection.

This seems like a viable option, it makes sense for Mel and her "plans." Jon would be alive, and indebted to her. Perhaps Jon is the legendary Azor Ahi reborn, and will be resurrected by the Lord of Light, and with Mel at his side will fight off the long night and the Ice Zombie Apocalypse, fulfilling all the prophecies and gloriously saving the world.

But does that seem like Game of Thrones? When do things ever turn out right for our characters like that. Nothing in George R. R. Martin's storytelling is ever that simple and clean cut. Also Jon Snow has always been associated with the Ice side of The Song of Ice and Fire and it would be odd if he was resurrected by fire to become Azor Ahi (I personally think that Daenerys is Azor Ahi reborn).

2. Jon Will Warg/Skinchange Into Ghost

Proof For: We have met several skichangers in the books and the show. Bran Stark skinchangers or wargs in and out of his direwolf Grey Wind, and even into Hodor. There is also the wildling, Varamyr Sixskins, who in the show would most notably be remembered for scratching Jon's face with his eagle.

In the books, many of the Stark children are portrayed as being wargs. For example, Arya has wolf dreams that follow her direwolf Nymeria, who she had to leave behind on the Kingsroad. Throughout the rest of the books, Nymeria is seen leading a wolf pack that roams the Riverlands through Arya's dreams. No matter if Arya is in Kings Landing, The Vale, or Across the Narrow Sea in Bravos, she is always connected to her wolf.

The wildling Tormund Giantsbane similarly described Jon as an untrained warg, claiming that their bond is unlike one he had ever seen. Jon also has wolf dreams where he lives a "second life" through Ghost (especially when the direwolf is alone beyond the wall). Rob Stark was also described having warg-like abilities in battle. It was said that he transformed into a huge direwolf when he went into battle, which I understood meant that he and his direwolf fought as one, as if they were connected.

Why Not? I think that this seems very cool. In the books, we see the skinchanger, Varamyr Sixskins, in the prologue to A Dance with Dragons, attempts to warg into another human before he dies. It would definitely be cool, if Jon's first warging was to escape death, showing how powerful he is. What then? Is Jon Snow a direwolf now? Will he warg into someone else, stealing their life? Could he warg into his dead body if it becomes a Wight/White Walker?

Wait!!! A Quick Westerosi-Stark History Lesson:

In the stories told about the North, in the Age of Heroes, thousands of years before the first pages of Game of Thrones, The Starks were a legendary house with known association to the magic of the old Gods. Legendary Founder of House Stark, and King of the North, Brandon the Builder is said to have magically built The Wall, the huge walls of Winterfell, and the impenetrable Castle of Storms End (the Baratheon Castle). He is said to have had magical power, so if the Stark bloodline has remained in tact, it would only be logical, that all Starks would have some sort of magic in their blood. They were rumored wargs and have a direworlf as their house sigil for a reason.

My theory: (spoilers for the books I guess, this character is not in the show, yet)

3. The Coldhands Factor

Coldhands is a fantastic character from the books who unfortunately was excluded from the show, so far; although his appearance does not seem likely because his plot is over. Coldhands appears in Sam and Gilly's trip north of the wall, as well as that of Bran and his travel parties.

There is lot of information about Coldhands in Bran and Sam's chapters, and there have been many fan theories regarding his identity. Here is the theory that I support and am bouncing off of for my own theory:


(Coldhands is really cool and if you're interested and want to learn more about him, watch some videos about him on YouTube. I will post an apposing one below).

Long story short Benjen Stark is Coldhands

The Stark Family may have some resistance to ice magic, because of their magical history in the Age of Heroes, along with, or perhaps because of their warging powers. If Benjen was killed while ranging beyond the wall, and then was resurrected to become a Wight/White Walker by an Other, I believe his magic Stark blood would allow him to resist being mindlessly controlled by the Others, retaining his consciousness and free will.

If Benjen, why not Jon?

Jon has the magic Stark blood. He his definitely a warg. If he were to truly die, unable to warg into Ghost, what would happen next at Castle Black. There has just been a mutiny, Lord Snow's killers , in the fashion of most similar moments in this story, will celebrate their victory.

Ned Stark's head was put on a spike. Rob Stark's head was removed and was replaced by his wolfs. Catelyn Stark's naked dead body was dumped into the Green Fork River. The logical way to decimate Jon Snows body, at The Wall, would be to throw him off it, or leave him for the wolves beyond. He would either be eaten, or added to the army of the dead, a final way to spit on the memory of another fallen Stark.

But... His Magic Blood!!!!

In Season 6 and in The Winds of Winter, Jon Snow will return, resurrected to become an undead servant of the Others, but he will instead be able to fight off their control and become the undead leader of the resistance to the Army of the Dead.

This idea has many jumping off points for the character of Jon Snow. He will be freed from his vows to the Nights Watch by death, to do whatever George R. R. Martin wants. He can avenge the death of so many of his family members. He can haunt his mutineers and take back his Command of the Nights Watch. He can sail to Meereen, steal a dragon, save Dany from the Dothraki and fly back to King's Landing to take the Iron Throne.

He can do anything because he is alive!

But then again I am probably totally wrong and probably missed some crazy detail in the 5000+ pages and 50+ hours of television that this is based off of.

I just can't wait to see what happens.


Oh, and here is another Coldhands theory:


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