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many people believe elsa is not the older sister of anna but instead her older cousin. it is said that elsa and rapunzel are twin sisters born to the king and queen of corona germany. (rapunzels country) when rapunzel was taken as a newborn her parents sent elsa to live with the queens sister in arendelle norway. then the queen of arendelle had a daughter named anna. the timeline of the to movies add up. anna is 3 years younger than both elsa and rapunzel.

elsa would have been 3 at the time of annas birth. the "sisters" elsa and anna do not look alike. rapunzel and elsa share some similarities like their eyes and the fact they both have powers. take the poll below and tell me what you think

also some believe elsa and rapunzel have a brother. the brother is tarzan. when anna parents die they are shipwrecked. some believe before the royals left some believed the queen was pregnat....with tarzan. on the way to RAPUNZEL'S wedding. a storm hit and blew the ship off course. it shipwrecked off the coast of africa. a.k.a. the start of tarzan. so is elsa with the wrong family? you decide!


are anna and elsa sisters or are elsa and rapunzul sisters or are all three sisters is tarzan related


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