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It's official. We have our hosts for the 2016 MTV Movie Awards! To honor the award show's 25th anniversary, fan favorites Dwanye "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart are pairing up to be our entertainers for the evening.

While speaking to Variety, Casey Patterson, the executive producer of the program, stated that the two actors are willing to go big and make the most out of the special event.

“We want to do a big, brave thing to celebrate movies. We love Kevin and Dwayne for doing big, risky, bold things. Most award shows play it safe. They’re the right guys to take big swings.
"We could not be in better hands than with these two guys because they really represent what it means to be a movie star right now. They talk directly to their fans all the time. They are always in a conversation with their fans.”

After the news was officially made public, both actors expressed their excitement on being tapped to host the MTV Movie Awards together. Johnson promised to make the night one his fans will remember.

“It’s an honor to be hosting the ‘MTV Movie Awards’ with a guy who’s not only one of the funniest guys on the planet, but who’s often mistaken as my twin, Kevin Hart. We live for our fans and promise to make this an epic, historic unforgettable night for them.”

Hart is not only excited, but confident in his and Johnson's ability to make the most out of their time on stage.

“I love hosting — it’s my thing. Dwayne and I are the perfect team for the epic 25th anniversary show. It’s going to go down.”

Given Hart's background in standup comedy and Johnson's known ability to work a crowd, I have no doubt that he and Johnson are the perfect hosts to ring in the anniversary.

Johnson and Hart have also proven their chemistry after working together on their buddy comedy Central Intelligence, which will premiere this summer.

The 25th MTV Movie Awards will film on April 9 and air on April 10.


Are you excited for this dynamic duo to host this year's MTV Movie Awards?

(Source: Variety)


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