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David Marmolejo

Two years ago, Disney gambled a story called Big Hero 6, that looks insanely different than what the actual characters are in the comics, and created a friendly group of Scientists and a friendly plush size friend Baymax. It was a huge success. An emotional story of Hiro, a boy who lost his brother in a fire from a maniac, is stuck with a health robotic assistant who can do wondrous good. After seeing this film a few times, it is still a heartbreaking triumph! Not only is Baymax this cute, adorable figure, but also a protector. With a few extra gadgets to help turn into this subtle karate flying ninja, Baymax is almost the fluffy version of the Iron Giant. The ending of this film is pretty much the same, but with a harder impact of emotions, it is truly a great movie. Glad to have him aboard my collection. Nice to see double of Baymax.


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