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With the massive success of Deadpool, I had thought that maybe Ryan Reynolds would start to pump the breaks and rest on his laurels a bit. Apparently, I'm not that good at predicting things because he's still at it. This time he's joined by James Corden of The Late Late Show as he tries to pitch some of his ideas for Deadpool's sidekick. I mean, sure, Cable is supposedly going to be in the next movie, but you can't let little details like that stop you from going after your dreams. Granted, James' ideas weren't that solid ranging from Tentakill to Strawberry Short Fuse which is basically just a strawberry that gets angry real quick.

With all his ideas shot down, James was about to leave a bit forlorn until Ryan came upon an idea and then, well, something amazing happened.

Double Deadpool

James Corden is really shining as a host of his own late night show and Ryan Reynolds is just being his usual, fantastic self. Combine two people with a great sense of humor and a room full of random references and you get something pretty entertaining. In other words....

Full disclosure, I'd probably go see Double Deadpool.


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