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Be the batman
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I think the reverse, backwards superman is actually in batman vs superman. For those that don't know bizzaro is the opposite of superman e.g. superman has heat vision whilst bizzaro has freeze.

I remembered a scene in the previous trailers where superman was bowing to lex.

I was wondering why this was the case. I thought this may be because of kryptonite or lex was threatening him or something. I quickly dismissed this thought as being un important.

However a report I read a while ago changed this. The report said that parts of zod's body made doomsday. The operative word being parts so there must be some 'parts' left. Lex is smart and therefore wouldn't let pieces go to waste so I believe he will either clone zod and have an underdeveloped zod clone which looks like superman ( which is similar to the comics but it was a clone of superman only) with the fully developed clone returning as zod (but that is more of a hope).

You may notice how bizzaro's face looks ashy and supermans looks normal but there have been moments where lex made bizzaro look like superman.

However I may be wrong as there may be a reason he is bowing such as tying lex's shoes ( cause he acts like a child).

Anyway I'm really looking forward to seeing batman vs superman and hope it surpasses all expectations ( in a good way).

Anyway leave a comment of ur thoughts.


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