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Hey there MP nation! So it's been a little while since I posted a new article (life). I stay very up to date with all the best shows however. I think it comes without saying but...

Spoilers Abound Below!!

So I hope that was enough of a spoiler break; but seriously, read at your own risk!

Now, much of what you will read is theory; but it is greatly laced with facts. I've been watching this season with intensity and I've read a lot about Zoom from the comics as well as some other characters. There are so many questions that have arisen about characters this season, especially in the last few episodes. I have been trying to rationalize who is what for the last couple days and I think I have a few strong ideas. Here we go!

1. We now have 8 Speedsters or potential Speedsters on the show.

I know right! Pretty exciting stuff! Soon we'll have so many it will be too much. But just who are these 8 speedsters!

  • We have Barry Allen/Flash - Earth One - the star of the show.
  • We have Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash - Earth One - and our Season One villain.
  • Let's face it, this season all but belongs to Zoom - (identity not confirmed).
  • Jay Garrick is next - Earth Two Flash - and has been in the mentor who's never around role this season.
  • Now, we have Wally West/Kid Flash/(Potentially Impulse) - Earth One - new this season and no powers yet.
  • Earlier this season we met Jessie Wells - Earth Two - who's father calls her Jessie Quick; a known comic speedster.
  • And then we have our mystery man locked up in Zoom's lair. Who is obviously a speedster but more on that later.

Obviously, all these won't speed around at one time on the show; but that'd be pretty awesome if it happened!! Oh and there's only 7 on this list...hang on!!!

2. Jay Garrick IS none other than....Jay Garrick

Yay! You figured it out! While his disappearances are quite shady, I strongly believe Jay is just himself. I doubt highly that he is even working for Zoom! After the last episode (2.14), I don't think you can say he is! If you noticed the look of pure bliss on his face when he's able to run into the building to save those people, you would know that is the face of a true hero! An early interview of Andrew Kreisberg, revealed that Barry had the job of teaching Jay what it was like to be a good person this season! We also learned why Jay lost his powers in the last couple episodes: from using Velocity 6! Now we have V9 and it seems to bring Jay back around to his old self! But he really has struggled being a hero this season. He could not really be a speedster or a shape-shifter; not after letting Caitlyn take blood samples so often: we would know already.

3. What we know about Zoom

Now there is a lot left that we don't know about Zoom, there is quite a bit that we do! And these things I'll use to make a conclusion.

  • Zoom did NOT take Jay's speed! Even after Jay admitted to Caitlyn how he lost his speed, I have still been reading new articles that say Zoom took it! Clearly put, no.
  • Although the above is true, Zoom is interested in stealing speed and being the fastest man alive.
  • The motives for the "Flash: Earth Two" universe Zoom are much different than the Zoom from the comics: who was all about making the Flash a better hero. Zoom proved that was not his when he dragged Flash around town earlier this season.
  • This Zoom has a much darker costume than that of the comics. Again, the Zoom from the comics took a couple cues from the Reverse-Flash of his day, also known as, Professor Zoom. (So confusing) Our Zoom has an outright "Black Flash" costume that reminds all of us of the character from the comics by that name who was the literal death for speedsters.
  • Zoom appears to be approximately 6'2"-6'4", I leave the margin because of boots and the mask which could obscure slightly his height. He also appears to weigh around 190-210 lbs. These measurements would rule out the likes of Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne and seemingly, John Wesley Shipp's Henry Allen (a fan favorite), but it would leave barely enough room for Joe West (who appears deceased on Earth Two) and Teddy Sears' Jay Garrick and Earth One counterpart Hunter Zolomon.
  • The last thing I want to point out about Zoom is that he appears to have super-speed. Now I know some of you are like, duh! of course he does. But the character would again deviate from the comics if that were the case. You see, the comic book Zoom has the ability to manipulate time relative to himself. He makes time around him slower so that to the naked eye he is moving super fast. Much like the ability of the villain we had a couple episodes ago known as the Turtle. But Zoom's actual ability seems to be super speed in the show.

4. Zoom is a conglomeration of 2 comic book characters!

Now, you're going to have to stay with me on this one. Something that season one of The Flash taught us was the fact that they are going to stay true to the comics; all while adding layers and twists along the way. This Zoom belongs on Earth Two! It has been stated that, much like Jay Garrick, Zoom received his powers from the particle accelerator explosion on E2. I believe it is possible, somewhere down the line, that the Earth One Hunter Zolomon we were introduced to, becomes the E1 Zoom, that is true to the comic book version.

Looking at the motives of this Zoom, he obviously wants to steal speed. He wants nothing more than to be the fastest man alive. His goal is not making other hero speedsters better; but, ultimately, killing them! Now watch this. When we learned about the identity of Jay Garrick's E1 counterpart, we learned that there was a major event that happened in his past that changed his destiny and his name: the death of his parents! What if Zoom is the Hunter Zolomon of E1! And what if he was someone else before? Who is that? you might ask. It is none other than Edward Clariss aka the Rival! The Rival was the "Reverse-Flash" of Jay Garrick. He wore a dark version of Jay's outfit, and the Lightning that followed him when he ran was a dark blue. One of his greatest motives was stealing the speed of Jay and other speedsters. He also wore a full mask covering his entire face! Does any of this sound familiar?

I believe that somehow this will be the Zoom that we get! A more layered villain like the one in Season One, but one with much darker motives like the villain of Arrow Season Two!

Bonus...Who's in the Mask?

I mentioned an eighth speedster earlier but did not tell his name. Actually, there are nine current or potential speedsters on the show, if you count the name dropped Hunter Zolomon of Earth One! When you look at the facts, how Jay is actually Jay; Zoom is a mashup of Hunter Z. and the Rival from E2; and how Jay focused was focused on advancing his powers through science; I believe there is an obvious candidate who is also focused on science-based speed powers...Johnny Quick!

The greatest flaw in my theory is Zoom's outfit. If he were the Rival, why didn't he wear an outfit similar to Jay's, but darker and reversed of course! Zoom's outfit is almost an exact match for a reversible, black, full-face-masked version of The Flash costume. Now, that could be because the show writers want us to remember that Barry Allen is the star of this show, or maybe not.

What if it's a darker version of Johnny Quick's outfit? I know he hasn't been mentioned by our E2 characters; but Zoom may have kidnapped him before the particle accelerator explosion! The origin of Zoom's powers could be that he was working near Quick's speed juice when the explosion happened. No doubt it affected them in different ways. If Quick had it in his system, he now has to speak its formula to activate it; greatly explaining why Zoom put a muting helmet over his head. But if Zoom was holding it when it went off, or near it, it could have infused with his cells, giving him less effort to access his ability.

Winding Down

All of this said, there is no definitive way to know who Zoom is until the masks comes off and we are given an explanation. This is all conjecture and wishful thinking at best! But I'm certainly looking forward to the end of Season Two! The Flash has been great so far, tune in every Tuesday on the CW at 8pm Eastern!


Who is Zoom?


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